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In What Way Are Smartphones More Useful for Learning Process

Mobile phones are widespread among students of educational institutions of all levels. And while some schools choose to avoid using cell phones through bans and restrictions, others see them as a powerful tool to help students. In this article, we will discuss how in which ways smartphones can be useful for students.

University Applications

Universities worldwide have appreciated the benefits of mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids, optimized mobile sites, and dedicated apps. They allow students and other website visitors to get university news, maps, and tons of useful resources right on the screens of their gadgets.

Colleges that have taken a big leap in using interactive whiteboards in their classrooms take it a step further by functionally integrating whiteboards with mobiles.

Similar applications are successfully used at Brandeis University. They make it much easier and faster to get help with educational issues. For example, you can instantly get information from the library about the availability of the necessary books. In addition, Princeton University has provided students with access to a media player so that they can view video lectures and other educational materials. Now students can even access the Graduate School course catalog.

Distance Learning

Today, mobile devices have become the key to education anywhere. The beauty of distance learning is that students can study outside the classroom without worrying about missing out on something important.

Thanks to mobile devices, education goes beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom. Most of the techniques of traditional pedagogy can be implemented remotely. And mobile devices can be a great learning aid. There are also many available services online that may make the student’s life easier, like essay writer. All you need is a stable internet connection for completing your assignments.

Complementing Training Programs on a Device

Mobile phones allow you to receive information anywhere but following the actual training program. Therefore, students can study anywhere and at a convenient time. It is especially pleasing to be able to study outdoors, in the open air, for example, in the park or by the lake.

For school students, such a way of learning can be turned into a game. For example, the Buffalo Hunt game training program has already been developed, where students look after the buffalo of a fictional Indian tribe, along the way learning the history of this tribe, “experiencing” it. Upon reaching the goal, the players see some kind of informative text, video, audio, and other educational materials that help them expand their knowledge of history. It is interesting and fun and therefore contributes to a better understanding of the subject.

Educational Mobile Applications

While mobile apps still have a long way to go before becoming common in every classroom, we can’t help but notice the pace of adoption. For example, apps that help students explore constellations offer great ways to interact in the classroom. And, even though most applications can unite students into small groups, technology is currently being developed that allows teachers to control the class from a mobile device while working with the application. Thanks to such developments, teachers are increasingly using electronic resources as teaching aids that deepen their knowledge.

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Twitter and Class Feedback

In large classrooms, when dozens and hundreds of students gather, it becomes difficult to involve each of them in the educational process. But Twitter is the easiest way to overcome this problem. Lecture halls filled with many students come to life. Students actively write comments, ask questions and interact in every possible way with the lecturer and with each other using their laptops and cell phones. Teachers can answer all questions that arise in real-time online.

Students like to be able to overcome their own shyness barriers; this opportunity gives them an additional advantage to prove themselves. And research shows that classroom activity is closely related to academic performance. In addition, students gain additional motivation, self-confidence, and a desire to share their points of view.

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Mobile Library

For many years, the only way to access academic libraries was the physical path. Thanks to the Internet, everything has changed, and now it is not difficult for any student or researcher to log into the system from any computer and enjoy the variety of available resources. Everything that the huge library collections could offer is now available in electronic form.

Of course, most students still have to do the hard work of finding materials; traditional libraries still operate today. But research shows that there is a positive trend towards using databases and resources to speed up information retrieval.

Smartphones as a New Way of Education

We have covered just a few points in which smartphones are now useful for learning purposes, but we are more than sure that technology is the future of education. Therefore, we should not diminish the role of mobile phones in learning but use them wisely instead. With them, the learning process is much easier and pleasant, and this is currently inspiring more and more students to get more into studies themselves.