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Increase Restaurant Sales on National Sandwich Day

One of America’s favorite lunch foods is a sandwich! The sandwich is a go-to meal for most individuals, whether it is filled with simple ingredients stacked high or thin.

The history of sandwiches dates back to the 1760s when John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, created the meal while on a gaming spree. National Sandwich Day is always celebrated every 3rd day of November.

The sandwich was created because of the eating habits of John Montagu while on a gaming spree. He requested food from their kitchen that he could eat with his hands – hence, he was brought with a slice of meat sandwiched together in two pieces of bread. This is how the sandwich meal was made.

Here are ideas on how to celebrate National Sandwich Day in your restaurant.

Marketing ideas for National Sandwich Day

Special Offers for National Sandwich Day

During the holidays, restaurant owners can create engaging and inspiring promotional materials. Start by using a QR code reader for restaurant menus. 

You can launch promotions on your website and online ordering page using the QR code menu software.

As a result, your restaurant can create a coupon or discount code that will encourage people to come back and eat there.

For instance, you could create a unique holiday offer on National Sandwich Day. Send newsletters with extra coupons to inform your regulars about the specials you have planned for the day.

Through QR codes, customers can also obtain discount coupons. In addition, you can create an interactive menu QR code, which could reduce the wait time for orders in your restaurant during busy holidays.

Give freebies to your regulars

Freebies are fun for everyone, especially if they involve food. You now have the chance to promote your restaurant or diner during National Sandwich Day. 

Your online website and social media marketing can explain how to claim freebies at your physical site.

For instance, you could create a freebie poster on social media to be claimed at your restaurant. Customers are encouraged to look for the lucky icons to take advantage of your restaurant’s generous gratis offers.

Aside from that, you can also give your target customers the free taste of your new sandwiches on your menu. You can also give out free sandwich slices to regulars while they dine at your restaurant as a starter meal.

Freebies can be distributed at your restaurant in several different ways. Create enough noise and excitement to draw customers’ attention to the activities taking place in your company.

Engage through online marketing

Engaging online also allows you to market your business and boost sales. 

You may set up an account for your restaurant on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, or even Twitter.

The QR code menu software integrated restaurant website also helps you establish a presence online. Your popularity and engagement may rise when you interact with clients through these external apps.

For instance, you can set up a promotional banner online to celebrate National Sandwich Day. You can take this opportunity to send out fun ideas about the holiday inside your restaurant.

Create an engaging post online and allow your customers to tag your restaurant with the hashtag #NationalSandwichDay. 

By liking their remarks on your Facebook company profile, you can attract clients as part of your internet marketing strategy. Each Instagram post that includes content from your company can receive intelligent comments from you.

Aside from these marketing ideas, include these sandwiches on your menu.

Classic Sandwich Ideas

Here is a list of sandwiches to include in your interactive menu QR code and online ordering page.

  1. A chicken sandwich is made with two pieces of bread and a crispy chicken fillet as the filling. You can also add other garnishes to enhance the flavor.
  2. The egg sandwich is a protein-rich meal that gives the body plenty of energy for the day. 
  3. A roast beef sandwich is a big meal with beef wellington as the filling of the bun. You can also use different green, leafy vegetables to balance the flavor.
  4. A grilled cheese sandwich is a classic favorite in most restaurants. It has a plain cheese filling that gives that hearty meal to your customers.
  5. Nutella sandwich is a special breakfast meal that will totally pass as a dessert. It is a sandwich filled with Nutella, bananas, or fruits like strawberries or kiwi to balance the flavors.

Final thoughts

With these fun ideas, run your business operations easily using a QR code menu software, especially during hectic holidays.

You can also join food awareness holidays like National Sandwich Day to increase customer engagement and boost sales inside your restaurant.