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Infinity Reels in Online Slots Explained 

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Recently there have been many innovations introduced to slot games. These new additions to slots are important because they keep the games fresh and interesting. Recent inventions that have taken the industry by storm include the Megaways concept. Here there are more reels than your standard slot and the size of the symbols that land on the reels changes with every spin. This means that between 2 and 7 symbols can land on the 6 reels creating thousands of pay lines. Other new additions that have not been quite as successful, include Megaclusters and Megasquads slots – claim 500 free spins.

What are Infinity Reels Slot Games? 

One new slot concept that players may not be familiar with is infinity reel slots. ReelPlay is the software provider behind this new innovation and they have also been the creative force behind a number of Megaways slot releases in the past. This new element was first introduced in 2020 in the game El Dorado Infinity Reels. The number of games employing this new mechanic remains small, but this is to be expected from such a new concept. However, other titles including Odin Infinity Reels Megaways and Giza Infinity Reels have been released. These games work on the concept of continuously adding extra reels to a slot game. There is no limit to the amounts of reels that can be added, and these are usually placed on the right of the main reel platform. 

Other Common Infinity Game Traits 

Infinity slots are often cascading in nature and there is no limit to how many winning cascades you can activate. If you factor in the ever-growing numbers of reels as well, then the potential for winning big can be very enticing to players. When no more winning spins are being produced on the extra reels, they disappear, and a more conventional grid is restored. With so many reels being produced, it is not surprising to discover that these infinity slots are highly volatile. This means that you can wait a long time for the reels to expand and for the most part, you will find yourself playing on a 3×3 or 3×4 grid. 

How to Play Infinity Slots 

When a new mechanism is introduced into slot games, the best thing to do is to play the games in question in demo mode, until you fully understand the new gaming dynamic. With such highly volatile games, you do require patience in your practice play, before you see the infinity reels spring into action. The best of these infinity games to try is the original release El Dorado Infinity Reels. It has some high production values, and the artwork can be very distracting, and this helps you get through the frustration of the many dead spins you might encounter whilst spinning such a highly volatile game. 

Final Thoughts 

Infinity reel slots have not been the instant hit that Megaways slots have been. The concept does need more time and if the public tire of the Megaways concept, they may flock to these. slots instead.