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‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ Host James Lipton Dies at 93

Lipton Hosted the Bravo Series for 24 Years

James Lipton, who is remembered for hosting Bravo interview series “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” lost his battle with bladder cancer yesterday. He was 93.

Born in Detroit on September 19, 1926, Lipton moved to New York City to study acting after leaving the Air Force. He took on a number of roles since his career began in the 1950s, including actor, writer and producer. And worked both on Broadway and as a writer and actor for daytime drama “Guiding Light.”

But Lipton, who studied performing arts for 12 years, was best known for his role in the creation of “Inside the Actors Studio” in 1994. Lipton served as host for 22 seasons and interviewed scores of world-renowned actors and directors as part of the Actors Studio Drama School. Notable guests on the show include Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Elton John, Billy Joel, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg.

Lipton retired from the series in 2018, 24 years after its original release. When “Inside The Actor’s Studio” switched from Bravo to Ovation in 2019, Lipton was replaced with a rotating selection of guest hosts.

‘”It’s very gratifying to see the legacy of ‘Inside the Actors Studio; being carried forward for a new generation to appreciate and enjoy,” Lipton said at the time. “I made a vow early on that we would not deal in gossip — only in craft, and Ovation, as a network dedicated to the arts, will continue that tradition with the next seasons of the series.”