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Insight on How Top 5 Cryptos Fared in Last 12 Months

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2022 has not been a profitable year for cryptocurrencies because there had been several regulatory motions coupled with economic weakness as a consequence of the pandemic. The prices have picked down and the market of 2021 reduced to a great extent. It is quite a disappointing start for the creeper investors of 2022. The total market capitalization of the last year has been marked at 11.76%. 1.9 trillion USD is the specific market capitalization for this year. Here you learn crypto technical analysis.

The flow has been observed in the five currencies which are running high in the crypto world. Let us take a look at these currencies to understand their trends for the next few years. 


  • You should never be surprised at the fact that the oldest crypto in the world will be holding the top position in the crypto market. 
  • However, compared to last year, the prices are not quite good. 
  • The prices were fixed at USD 57,523 in 2021 whereas it is running at a low rate of USD 41,000. 
  • The total market capitalization has also dropped from the value of USD 1 trillion to USD 780 billion.


  • Ethereum has been observing crucial growth over the last year and the values have skyrocketed in terms of the two years in the count. 
  • The prices were USD 1,788 on 21 March 2021, which shot up to USD 2,800 on March 20, 2022. 
  • The market capital has also increased quite a lot and decentralized projects have been getting into the market under the name of Ethereum. 
  • The upward trend is based on the consensus mechanism of PoS which has been led forward by Ethereum as well. 
  • Ethereum is not usually considered as one of the tokens. 
  • It is kept under the category of exchange which is used to facilitate smart contracts or any contract that might be written in code. 
  • These contracts can combine crypto tokens with the traditional means of trading as well. 
  • The jump has been massive in the case of Ether.
  • The shift has been aimed toward the development of a transaction system that is cheaper and faster. 
  • The less electricity-intensive systems like Ethereum are quite famous at the moment. 


  • Tether is one of the Stablecoins in the market which has been pegged against the US Dollar. 
  • This has been designed in such a manner that it will have a close relationship with the cryptocurrencies and the trading values will be quite constant as well. 
  • The market capitalization has increased twice a fold recently and this resulted in the values reaching USD 38 billion to USD 80 billion.
  • USD tether or USDT is one of the cryptocurrencies in the market that gets its prices directly proportional to Tether. 
  • The originator has claimed that the values are backed up by US dollars and the money is sent as loans to the subsidiary bodies. 
  • Euro and Chinese Yuan also have currencies pegged to them. 
  • The values do not increase or decrease randomly. This is one of the safest currencies in the market. 


  • BNB is the token that is native to Binance. 
  • The growth has been quite crucial over the last two years. 
  • The prices have seen a growth from USD 264 to USD 390. 
  • The past year has also seen the rise of the market capitalization of BNB from USD 41 billion to USD 64 billion.

USD coin

  • USD is finally the last name in the list which has been pegged against the values of the US Dollar. 
  • The price of this coin has remained the same throughout the last year and the value has increased quite rapidly from USD 9 billion to USD 52 billion.


Crypto values never remain the same for an extended period. You have to be ready for the incremental backup of prices at every single moment. The war-like situation which is existing at the moment is also something that is affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies all over the world. It is expected that the values will undergo the right kind of change as soon as the situation improves. 

The strategy of the investors who are presently in the market must be about the values which might be coming up next. Keep an active eye on the changes which are taking place. This can help you to gain proper profits.