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Inspire Life Foundation and Zhongguancun Holding Company Enter Strategic Partnership to Advance the Metaverse Museum Project

Beijing, May 19, 2023 – The Permanent Advisor of Singapore’s Inspire Life Foundation, Yang Mulia Datuk Paduka Seri Dr. Hasnizal Hj Hassan, recently spearheaded a delegation of six individuals to Zhongguancun Village in Beijing. Together with the management team of Zhongguancun Holding Company, led by Mr. Cao Yonggang, they ceremoniously inked a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly advance the Metaverse Museum Project.

Included in the delegation were Chief Operating Officer Dr. KY and Chief Financial Officer Ms. Ivy. The signing of this agreement represents a mutual commitment and robust support for the Metaverse Museum Project. It is understood that Zhongguancun Holding Company will lend its full support to the project, promising to provide all necessary resources required by the Foundation. The Inspire Life Foundation is also committed to driving the project forward, ensuring its smooth implementation.

The Inspire Life Foundation, based in Singapore, strives to enhance people’s quality of life, foster technological development and innovation, and focus on developing Web 3.0 projects. Their token CCGDS, issued in 2022, created a stunning record with a more than 3000-fold increase on the second day of its release. The Metaverse Museum project, which they are incubating, is expected to achieve comparable market performance to CCGDS. The new token for this project will be released on July 18, 2023, followed by the launch of China’s historic figures-themed NFTs on August 31, 2023. The upcoming releases are anticipated to trigger a buying frenzy.

Yang Mulia Datuk Paduka Seri Dr. Hasnizal Hj Hassan stated at the signing ceremony, “We are thrilled about our cooperation with Zhongguancun Holding Company. We believe that by sharing resources and expertise, we can jointly create a brand new Metaverse Museum, providing people with a unique virtual reality experience.”

The signing of this strategic cooperation will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the advancement of the Metaverse Museum Project. This significant event marks a new milestone in technology exchange and cooperation between China and Singapore, heralding the start of an epoch-making transnationa