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Interactive Investors – A Reliable Name in Trade

Interactive investors is a reliable name in the field of trade. It is the second biggest investment platform in the UK. Image Alt Text: Interactive investor

Background information about Interactive Investors

Interactive Investors started operation in 1994. It was initially founded to provide genuine research to the investors. It also contributed as a platform for the investment community to collaborate. Sherry Coutu was the company’s founder and Richard Caruso, John Cooper and Arts Alliance funded it.  

The company withdrew from South African and Asian markets, such as brokers with zar account, and changed its name. Since then it has grown to be UK’s second-biggest investment platform. In 2000, it was estimated to possess a value of £242 million. In 2001, it was purchased by an Australian Financial Service Group called AMP. It was renamed Ample for a brief period.

Today, Interactive Investors is a Private Limited Company. It joined forces with Halifax Share Dealing in 2010 and presented as a dealing service. In 2011, it set up its customer service Centre and dealing function.

Interactive Investors is funded by 100% equity. It has no external debts and has a net asset of above £100 million.

What is Interactive Investment

Interactive Investment is an online service for investment, based in the United Kingdom. The purpose was to provide investment tools along with financial information. Interactive Investors acquired Alliance Trust Savings in 2018 and moved customers to its platform in 2019. It also announced taking over The Share Centre in February 2020.

Interactive Investment Services

The company has a direct investing and trading service where the customers manage and exchange shares, investments trusts, funds, and bonds through trading accounts called ISAs and SIPPs. It also offers comprehensive data on the market.

It supports its services through an investment filter and a portfolio-tracking tool. It provides ready-made options for investment and impartial and unbiased reviews, news, and research. It had two personal finance magazines known as ‘Moneywise’ and ‘Money Observer’, but after the final publication in 2020, they ceased publication in 2021.

Interactive Investors became the leader of massive investment platforms by introducing free regular investing options.  

Acquisition of Equities

Interactive Investor purchased ‘Moneywise’, a personal finance magazine, in 2004. Later it also acquired ‘Money Observer’ in 2008 by the Guardian Media Group.

In 2016, in October, Interactive Investors took over TD Waterhouse, a TD Direct Investing European business. The acquisition’s Canadian parent company Toronto-Dominion Bank had 30,000 customers from the UK alone. At that time, the acquired company was more extensive than Interactive Investment. The majority shareholder became J.C. Flowers & Co in 2017.

In 2018 October, Interactive Investors announce purchasing of Alliance Trust Saving soon. The acquisition completed in July 2019. This alliance made the two largest online investment platforms come together for flat-fee investment platforms online.

It also announced acquiring of The Share Centre in Feb 2020. This possession completed in 2020.

Protection of Assets

Interactive Investor processes one in every seven investments transitioned by the UK public. It administers above £3 billion, representing more than 320,000 clients. The parent company of Interactive Investors is Interactive Investors Service Limited authenticated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Many people mistake Interactive Investors for a bank which is a false pretence. Your assets do not get amalgamated with the company’s assets. The company doesn’t use its customers’ investment or exchange. Customers benefit from FSCS (financial service compensation scheme).

Customers’ investments are protected with Interactive Investor Service Limited as ‘trust status’. Trust Status means that even if the company becomes insolvent, its creditors preserve and safeguard your investment. Special Client Status is given to the client’s money at Interactive Investors. It is deposited in the firm’s bank accounts across the United Kingdom.

Policies and procedures

Interactive Investors Service Company operates strict policies, controls, and procedures to ensure that your asset’s record is maintained accurately. The company also carries out reconciliations daily so that your account records correspond with your investments. The FSCS also protects eligible customers’ assets for a maximum limit of £85000 per claim.

Interactive Investors is a limited company, and there is no risk of a deficiency of funds in both the company’s assets and account balance and the customer’s investments.


The aim at Interactive Investors is to make customers own their financial futures. They will achieve financial independence through investment in the current time. Interactive Investors sponsors 2020 Lightweight Boat Race. The crew from Oxford and Cambridge work day and night to help customers achieve their dreams. The company commits to assisting you in managing your finances to give you a bright future.


Before the advent of online investments, apps and platforms, investment was challenging. Interested individuals used to spend a lot of time on the phone with their financial advisor. The new millennium has made it relatively uncomplicated with efficient applications. You can quickly transfer your stock and money without making a phone call or a conversation.