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Interactive LED Floor Display Vs. Interactive Floor Projector: Which Is Better?

With technology at its best and the blooming significance of the human element in the business landscape, a futuristic sense of decoration and human interaction has become a major concern. No matter in the institutions or exhibitions and events where floor interaction is the central aim, the consumers are much more likely to be attracted by something that’s no doubt tech-oriented but carries the human element simultaneously rather than being robotic.

Though there are many strategies to capture consumers’ attention for floor interaction, there are just two main mediums to accomplish that: an interactive floor projector and an interactive LED floor display. If you are wondering which of the two can serve best for floor interaction, we have got you covered with everything you might want to know about which interactive LED floors are the best. 

What Is Interactive LED Floor Display 

As the name suggests, an interactive floor LED display is an LED floor screen on a floor that offers human interaction. It has been designed and engineered using high-end technology, which offers interactive entertainment where the users can communicate with whatever has been displayed on the screens. 

It functions as a response to the motion it senses and displays numerous visuals accordingly. For instance, most shopping malls have floor LED displays that showcase a visual of ‘welcome’ as soon as they sense a footstep to greet the customer.  

Interactive Floor Projector 

An interactive floor projector is a combination of two parts, i.e., a whiteboard and a projector, that helps feature a lens to project the images. The project is supposed to be mounted on the front wall or the ceiling above the whiteboard to adequately function as a source of displayed content. 

The role of a whiteboard is to work as the plain screen where the projected content gets displayed. A great application of interactive floor projectors is video games at arenas.

Interactive Floor LED Displays Vs. Floor Projectors 

Are you still doubtful about choosing the best between the two types of interactive LED floors? Take a look at this detailed comparison of their features and back your decision with credible information!  

  • Interaction 

The best part about the interactive LED floor displays is that you can integrate motion sensors. It makes them a premium center of human interaction. The system can be engineered in alignment with your needs; such a footstep motion can bring up the visual of a ‘welcome greeting’ and so on. On the other hand, floor projectors do not allow you to integrate motion sensors and, thus, are likely to be less interactive and adaptable.  

  • Clarity 

Since interactive LED floor displays have the content already uploaded, they tend to showcase visuals with much clarity and a high-definition outlook. The floor projectors are designed to project on the images live and might not showcase visuals with the finest clarity. 

  • Functions 

The functions of interactive LED floor displays are much more than the projectors, as they can integrate motion sensors into them and engineer them according to your desires. However, a floor projector can only display and react. Also, the overall projecting process is hectic and might require more effort and time.  

  • Installation 

A stationary wall can be the best option for the floor projectors since it requires both the projector and the whiteboard to be in a perfectly stable position for effective results. However, interactive LED floor displays can easily be mounted on walls or mobile stands so that you can move them around as per needs and requirements. 

  • Maintenance  

Throughout the life of an interactive projector, fans and bulbs must be replaced. One bulb per projector is replaced on average once a year. Maintenance expenses can easily mount when several devices or classes are involved. On the other hand, an interactive display typically comes with software integrations or peripherals that would cost extra if you used a projector system. The alternatives include wireless streaming, decoder software, and learning programs.

What’s The Way Forward? 

Considering the comparison mentioned above between the interactive two, you must conclude that choosing an interactive LED floor display over projectors could be the best decision. And if you are wondering where to find the best of them, Milestrong will be on the top of the list. 

Milestrong offers the best interactive LED floor displays with exciting features. They have been designed and engineered keeping in view the very requirements of the consumers and are a perfect fit to serve your needs of floor interaction. 

About Milestrong 

Milestrong is a top-notch manufacturer of various LED display forms. From the basic transparent displays to the ultra-innovated, customized LED displays, they have proved to be the leaders in making the most reliable yet tech-savvy displays across the globe. 

The key objective at Milestrong is to understand clients’ needs at best and manufacture products that can best fulfill your desires while ensuring them do not cost you a fortune. Contact them today to learn more about our products and services!

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