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Introduction To A New Product – IPXO

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Internet Protocol Exchange Organization, also known as IPXO, is an IPv4 platform for leasing and monetization. The main objective is to enhance transparency and security in the leasing and monetization process of IP addresses. Being a business owner, if you wish to lease IPv4 resources, you should look for the IPXO market. 

How did it start? 

In 2019, IPXO came into the picture when a large section of internet developers found a shortage of IPv4 addresses globally. Before that, IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, has worked on eight address blocks. During that time, it was found that the IPv4 addresses were no longer working. It helped the IPXO professionals understand the shortage of demand and supply in the market. The IP marketplace helped institutions using IPv4 addresses to attain monetization. According to preferences, IP holders can customize various features while managing all earnings with the market. 

Leasing of IP addresses

Due to the shortage, it was tough for organizations to expand as the prices of IP addresses surged. As a result, it became a challenge for small businesses to sustain. Then the leasing address came into existence and was considered the best solution for organizations. It helped several business owners to grow their companies by using an affordable and simple solution. 

This shows the importance of the IP marketplace and its effectiveness for organizations that need an IP address. Using IPXO, organizations can lease and monetize solutions without the need to struggle much. The solution is ideal compared to all other alternatives. 

IPXO: Why would businesses need it?

The primary goal of internet developers is to create a platform compatible with different IP addresses of customers. Initially, some challenges were faced, which were overcome by the dedicated team. After that, it became the first IP address serving globally. Here are a few reasons businesses would need it: 

  • Ultimate user experience 

Any tool designed to meet the requirements of a business should provide the ultimate user experience. If it does not satisfy that requirement, there is no need to invest in the platform. It’s because the clients should be satisfied with the tool to get the required services. Businesses consider IPXO the best IPv4 platform to be used for leasing and monetization activities. The latest technology is used to make sure customers can make use of the platform to the fullest. However, developers are still working on several aspects to enhance its performance. 

  • A variety of options

The IPXO platform gives you various options to find subnets ranging from /8 to /32. Based on your needs, you can browse and decide which one will fulfill your needs. Accordingly, you can visit the top platform and opt for it. It also allows you to order several IP addresses by GEO, CIRD, or RIR. They aim to find a suitable way to distribute numerous IP addresses which has been kept unused. 

  •  No commitment 

By proceeding to the website, you have to order the IP address and start using it. There is no tedious process that users have to follow, which makes the task difficult. So, whenever you need it, you can get it directly as no strings are attached. Also, the IPv4 routing can handle several systems easily. In short, it incentivizes the business by utilizing unused addresses. 

  • Better security 

When it comes to organizations, everyone is concerned about security. Using IPXO, you will have strong security as it is customized with top-class software giving worldwide security. It also has RPKI verification standards which enhance security to a great extent. 

  • Openness 

While dealing in the IP marketplace, you can expect easiness while navigating. Each step has clear directions, and there is no hidden concept which means it maintains transparency. 

  • Reasonable solution 

The sudden scarcity in IP addresses has led to an increase in the price, which many companies cannot afford to pay. For small organizations, it was a tough task which they were not able to overcome. But renting IPXO has made things easier as it was a reasonable solution. It has helped many businesses to get IP addresses without thinking much about finances. 

  • Comprehensive coverage 

The marketplace has several IP address blocks and also hosts IPv4 subnet blocks. It is done in the RIRs varying from 8 to 24, making sure every management and automation procedures are in a single place. Apart from that, it focuses on RIR management, automating the route objects, and other aspects. 

  • Management policies 

The IPXO management has emphasized the usage of IP addresses. The professionals have ensured every measure concerning the undertakings regarding the IP marketplace should be legit. Your organization must be able to work efficiently. 

  • Flexible leasing choices 

The leasing of IP addresses is flexible and helps you prepare a plan that will work best according to your requirements. The flexible leasing choices let you lease the IPv4 address and renew if needed in the future. Depending on the geographical location requirements, the platform can filter several subnets. 

IPXO market: The future 

Besides the above reasons, the professionals are working on several other aspects to improvise the platform. It also includes several aspects which you can experience in the coming times. The characteristics are prepared to enhance the functionality and simplify the IPXO marketplace. 

  • Automated geolocation updates 

Another crucial feature of the IPXO marketplace is automating geolocation updates. It helps lessees in updating IP geolocation on the IPXO terminal. It also allows you to filter subnets using geolocation and gives the best personal offers. 

  • Transparent revenue reports 

The reports give you brief information on monetization performance, maintaining transparency. The marketplace is fully compatible with various data protection regulations. It is of encryption standards that help in protecting all your information. 

Final thoughts 

In short, IPXO overcomes the gap between which has happened due to the shortage of IPv4. It had happened when there was a high demand for the addresses. Businesses leasing IP addresses can achieve their objective and achieve automation wherever required. It helps you to have a smooth operation in leasing and monetizing IP addresses.