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IoT Development Service

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In recent years, digital technologies are rapidly capturing all aspects of our daily lives, providing increased comfort. IoT development services from our company open up new horizons for our clients. Business owners get full control in the management of each process, which entails an increase in profits. Unique software can help automate any industry, simplifying construction, transportation, building engineering, customer service, retail or wholesale, warehousing, city lighting, office space, meeting room control, and many other industries.

Examples of IoT implementation in our daily life

Of course, not every consumer or business participant has yet fully realized what the Internet of Things is and how it helps to simplify life. In this regard, below we provide specific examples of the most popular digital technologies that we are gradually introducing into each area of ​​business to organize the process of managing assets and processes:

  • Intelligent management of urban lighting. Have you ever thought about who turns on and off the lights on the streets, or how outdoor surveillance cameras work? Previously, such processes required control rooms and a lot of people. Today, these processes, thanks to the Internet of Things, have become so simple that the management of the city lighting line can be carried out from a computer or smartphone screen from anywhere in the world.
  • The “Smart City” system, provides control of garbage or snow removal equipment, automatic watering of lawns in park areas, management of public urban transport, monitoring of public order in public areas, as well as timely calling of emergency services in automatic mode.
  • Asset control in the business. This huge section includes such concepts as tracking vehicles during the transportation of goods, control of building materials during installation work, management of office space to increase the efficiency of the use of the workplace, and the proper attitude of staff to work. Here you can also highlight assistance to severe patients who require constant care in hospitals or hospices, as well as accounting for the harvest when cultivating various crops.
  • Automation of industrial production, control, and accounting of raw materials, and finished products, receiving signals about errors, and emergencies, tracking the implementation of the plan, as well as managing loadings in warehouses, timely replacement of spare parts, remote control of any fixed assets, working capital, calculation of potential profits, expenses.
  • Organization of the “smart home” system, which is also based on IoT. A person gets the opportunity to turn on or off household appliances, control lighting, water, and energy costs, open or close windows and doors, and also conduct full-volume video surveillance in every room of his apartment or private house.
  • Control over the rental of cars, bikes, or bicycles, installation of GPS tags, integration of the management and security system with special mobile applications, and much more.

The above are just some of the options that the Internet of Things allows you to achieve. Theoretically, the specialists of our company can help to debug the full control over each process or asset and implement automated control modules through remote access points in almost any area of ​​everyday life or professional activity.

What tasks do we solve when a customer contacts our company?

When a new potential customer contacts our company, we draw up a technical task together with him, based on his wishes and common sense, and also gather a full team of specialists at one table in the meeting room for brainstorming. When creating an intellectual product based on IoT, we rely on the following important principles, without which high-quality business process or asset management is impossible:

  1. IoT software upgrade:
  • Optimization of decisions made by the customer, adapting them to realities and technical capabilities.
  • Complete reconstruction of the customer’s software.
  • Implementation of automated IoT modules to improve the efficiency of business process management, key assets, and other aspects.
  • Creation of software architecture.
  • Making decisions about the scalability of workflows.
  • Analysis of the existing program code, platform, as well as the skin of existing IoT modules, search for errors and weaknesses, followed by a system upgrade.
  • Instructing the customer about the new features of the system, which is planned to be integrated into all management processes.
  1. Implementation of existing software in IoT technology:
  • Creation of mobile applications.
  • Structuring cloud storage.
  • Combining IoT technology and software modules with physical objects, and mechanisms.
  • Creation of access points for seamless control of any parameters programmed in the IoT module.
  1. The main workflow is creating the Internet of Things software:
  • Creation of architecture.
  • Development of a complex control algorithm.
  • Determination of the number of physical assets to manage using IoT technology.
  • Connecting each of the physical assets to the software.
  • Creation of remote access points.
  • Loading software into applications for the ability to read data and set control algorithms using IoT technology.
  1. Installing and debugging the user interface:
  • Creation of Internet applications for PC or mobile devices.
  • Remote connection of sensors that were previously installed at each physical point.
  • Address check of operability and clarity of signal transmission for each sensor.
  •  Accessary, set the data transmission to the desired wave.
  • Providing gateway management for efficient data transfer.
  1. Accounting for additional wishes of the client:
  • Setting up scalable programs.
  • Loading free clusters.
  • Database management to enable registration of new users.
  • Providing the necessary protection against unauthorized entry or cyberattacks.
  • Consulting services for business process management through IoT:
  • Conducting training and instruction.
  • Providing after-sales service and remote maintenance of the normal operation of the product.
  • Setting up technical support service.
  • Conclusion of an additional contract for periodic system upgrades.

Thus, at the end of the workflow, the customer will learn a completely ready-made scalable product that allows you to change the idea of ​​business process management. Control over all types of client activities can be carried out from any stationary or mobile device, the software of which is fully adapted to the requirements of the configured system.

What are the benefits of IoT?

Of course, without a huge number of undeniable advantages, the Internet of Things would not be spreading around the world so rapidly, actively capturing all areas of business. This technology provides users with the following benefits:

  • First of all, all decentralized applications work with a random match of the program code, which consists of many symbols and numbers. It is practically impossible to choose this combination on purpose, which is why IoT is distinguished by the highest level of security and protection against cyberattacks.
  • With remote control of assets or business processes, the maximum efficiency of company management, as well as its activities, is achieved. Given that the manager or responsible person receives all the information in real-time, from anywhere in the world, the maximum reliability of using the Internet of Things technology is achieved.
  • The highest professionalism of developers, when monitoring the entire system is provided with detailed diagnostics of each algorithm or cluster, which makes it possible to eliminate or correct all errors and ensure that a simple interface is loaded for any, even poorly trained user.
  • All decentralized applications with a complex architecture work independently of each other. This allows you to quickly identify the damaged segment and perform repair work to restore it, without rebooting or shutting down the entire system.
  • Modern mobile or stationary applications based on the technology of the Internet of Things allow scaling algorithms, for example, when adding assets with sensors or increasing the number of registered users.
  • Convenient interface – our developers and programmers create the most complex sets of commands that are visualized in the form of panels on the touch screen or other control mechanisms familiar to every ordinary user. This allows you to quickly train staff and prevent numerous mistakes, and violations, which can lead to negative consequences.

Thus, it is IT that makes it possible to make our life as comfortable as possible, to avoid mistakes, energy overruns, or irrational use of office space. Our specialists will always offer the best solutions in the interests of the customer, as well as calculate the optimal and profitable investments that will pay off in a few months, which will significantly increase the company’s profits.

Why choose our company as the main partner?

Many of our potential clients often ask why we should choose your company as a developer of software-based IoT technology? Our answer is always simple – because we have several advantages, unlike most competitors:

  • We focus on the wishes of the client, but at the same time, realizing our responsibility and professionalism, we always offer the best solutions to any problem.
  • Before its strengths and weaknesses, optimize the number of new modules and ensure the most efficient operation of the usual software.
  • Before starting work with a client, we learn all the information about the scope of his activities, understand the aspects of making a profit, and the intricacies of running a particular business. This allows us to offer not a standard solution that may not work for the client, but individual algorithms that take into account all the subtleties of the customer’s business.

We have been working with IV technology for more than a year. During this time, hundreds of customers from various business areas have contacted us. For each of them, we find individual solutions, which is why they leave only positive feedback about our work. We give a long-term guarantee for the uninterrupted performance of our intellectual product and also ensure the full integration of all automation modules in all areas of our customer’s activities.