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Is a 10 GBps Server Too Much or Too Little for Business and Private Users?

VSYS Host notices the recent tendency of switching small and medium businesses to 10 Gbit Ethernet connective servers. They consume a significant 3240 TB of traffic. Is a small company really able to generate this massive number of bytes? Yes, if we consider the rising size of the files and the average daily consumption. If you doubt that, here are some facts.

What is a 10 GBps server?

The 10Gbps server has a 10 Gbit per second speed or 1.25 GB per second. That means the average 4K video will download in 4-5 seconds. It surpasses the WI-Fi 6 speed. This port helps the backbone of those who need to create a comfortable remote environment for remote employees or demanding applications.

People and businesses don’t use this connectivity to access the Internet. It’s more than a paradise for small-scale companies. A couple of years ago, it was purely business prerogative, but today the providers bring it to the home users. It opens new experiences due to the constant generation of content and the tendency to remotely store the favorite collection of movies or photo archives. So the providers need to respond to the demand by offering proposals for different reasons. Let’s look at how our company releases it.

10G potential

VSYS deals with data centers in the Netherlands. This country has the advantage of discovering all benefits of this and more high-speed solutions. It is the crosspoint of the transcontinental network. NL-IX and AMS-IX are the most powerful points of data transfer. Renewable energy, loyal politics, and DMCA-ignored status attract global investors.

Ukraine has some data centers, but they often lack 10G server infrastructure for appropriate functioning. The country constantly develops to provide a stable internet connection and functioning traffic. National Armed Forces defend their land and return the occupied cities and towns to renew the justice and services there.

Thus, our company has a very competitive proposal. These are streaming services and IPTV. This capacity is enough to broadcast about 50-60 HD TV channels regularly. The streamers also use the equipment to show real life, play games, etc.

The next 10G department is the GPU-based platforms. They are useful in scientific experiments, machine learning, and security systems. And yes, the mining gets simpler with a graphic processor unit. There are other uses for these helpers. But we’ll talk about them in a separate article.

The storage resources also need a speedy environment. That’s because you can’t wait long to save your files or upload a more than 100 GB collection. This connection simplifies it and reduces the load time.

Finally, we underline that you can pay in crypto for any use of the 10G port you want to exploit. This point covers all assortment, not only that listed on the page Inform us if you wish to get an invoice in the other currencies not listed on the website.