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Is An ITIL Certification Valuable?

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In our digital age, everything is possible. Many IT-enhanced products and services have become an essential part of our daily lives due to this fundamental shift in the business world. More importantly, the IT and digital assets have made it easier for progressive enterprises to obtain an advantage over their competitors.

ITIL, commonly abbreviated as the ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library,’ is a global standard for IT service management (ITSM). Organizations can use it to ensure that their IT-enabled services and products are aligned with their core business objectives by using the framework.

To ensure that organizations are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ITIL 4 provides a comprehensive framework. A complete digital and IT operations paradigm enable organizations to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality IT-enabled goods and services. As a result, users can either avoid costly mistakes altogether or deal with them as soon as possible when they do occur. To reap the benefits of ITIL certification, take ITIL 4 Foundation certification training online, and check out ITIL 4 Course in Riyadh.

What is ITIL?

To align IT services with business requirements and bring value to the organization, ITIL® is a set of best practices explaining common ways IT service management (ITSM) might follow. To demonstrate an individual’s degree of competence in the entire set of ITIL best practices, ITIL currently offers several professional certifications that confirm an individual’s competence in various areas that ITIL covers.

In what ways does ITIL certification benefit students?

Let’s be clear on three things you should know about the ITIL certification program before diving into the different training options for IT professionals:

  1. People can become certified in ITIL as an individual. Training courses for IT professionals are offered by AXELOS and its partners for ITIL certifications. Organizations and corporations are unable to obtain certified ITIL certificates at this time. As a guide for IT operations, ITIL is not meant to be prescriptive but rather to assist in achieving business objectives. Regarding ITIL certification, AXELOS certifies individuals for competence in specific ITIL best practices implementation areas so that employers can more quickly find people with the relevant abilities to support their strategic goals.
  2. Approved training institutions administer certification examinations for ITIL certifications (ATOs). Thousands of IT workers worldwide are vying for certification in the ITIL framework, an international standard. AXELOS aims to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of ITIL certification exams worldwide by employing a three-tiered system.
  3. The ITIL framework is currently in a transitional phase. AXELOS is still offering ITIL V3 exams. However, they are being updated to reflect the latest best practices of ITIL. 

In what ways does ITIL certification benefit you?

Since the introduction of ITIL certification, it has been widely accepted as the standard for ITSM. As a result, many IT workers devote time and money to training and passing the certification exam. Throughout the world, there are exciting and rewarding chances for those who take advantage of them.

Learn the ITIL framework: For effective service management through best practices, they created the ITIL framework. It is also changing its focus from service management to value creation and increasing demand using ITSM techniques in light of the current developments. Those who take ITIL courses learn how to use IT to improve their companies bottom lines.

  1. Global IT Service Management (ITSM) Standards: Organizations worldwide employing ITIL-trained workers have various needs. It is because ITIL certification’s quality is aligned with worldwide standards. Several large enterprises and IT service providers have adopted the ITIL framework, creating new opportunities for ITIL-certified experts.
  2. Constantly in demand: Employers worldwide are searching for ITSM professionals who can help them implement the best practices in their firms. Individuals who have passed the ITIL certification exam can demonstrate their qualitative demand transformation and service management methods. For most employment positions, a suitable certification is a requirement.
  3. Opportunities for higher and better pay: ITIL is one of the most lucrative certifications in the IT industry. With or without on-site sponsoring, ITIL certifications are worth their weight in gold. The company will bolster your resume, but so will your company’s bottom line. As a result, you’ll be able to land a more lucrative position. Certified ITIL managers and IT technicians are often paid large sums of money. The typical salary is in the six-figure range.
  4. Be ready for the future and ready to take on the role you desire: ITIL has become a significant part of the IT infrastructure of large corporations. Experts in the sector have expressed skepticism from time to time. Consequently, it’s safe to assume that the framework’s popularity will continue to grow. To keep up with the times, AXELOS constantly updates and evaluates its courses. AXELOS is constantly reshaping ITIL’s defined values to consider the latest technological advancements and IT development trends.
  5. A more specific skill set: Getting an ITIL certification at any of these levels will better understand how IT infrastructures are managed and implemented. Your improved ITIL expertise will make you a valuable asset to your coworkers and allow you to feel more confident about your position in the company.
  6. It’s almost universally used: ITIL has a massive benefit because it’s utilized worldwide and adopted in virtually any industry that relies on highly managed IT services. ITIL’s global reach is evident, with more than 10,000 businesses throughout the world using it. There is much space for growth in the market for ITIL-certified professionals.

Final thoughts

Determining the exact worth of an IT credential, as with many other professional qualifications, is difficult. However, certificates are widely accepted as a good investment of time and money due to a combination of practical and intangible criteria.

You can advance your career or increase your chances of getting a job offer by earning an ITIL certification. Certification in ITIL and its prominence as an internationally recognized framework means that ITIL practitioners with relevant IT experience are in high demand worldwide. Individuals are ultimately responsible for maximizing the value of their IT certifications by acquiring the skills and expertise that go along with it.