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Is Anonymity Becoming a Luxury In Digital Age?

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Nowadays we are able to find a bunch of information on the internet. Social media is becoming a key tool for humans interaction. During the pandemic Covid situation worldwide Bo Burnham has represented Netflix special musical comedy Inside called “Welcome to the Internet”. The song has started:  Welcome to the internet / Have a look around / Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found / We’ve got mountains of content / Some better, some worse / If none of it’s of interest to you, you’d be the first.” As it is widely known internet has taken a huge part of our life, information spreads rapidly and we easily can find sources we need. It is getting harder and harder to stay anonymous, because of that some people even believe that currently anonymity is becoming a luxury. 

First of all, anyone with a Wifi connection today are able to dive into the information world and find whatever their heart desires: weather forecasts, locations, designers clothes or breaking world news and etc. The information has become easily accessible to everyone. The enormous amounts of photographs, the newest movies or new worldwide singles could be easily reached by anyone for free. The biggest scandals, tragedies or brightest success stories are updated simultaneously at their occurrence. To hide something gets much harder and to keep privacy even could be impossible.

Secondly, most popular internet tolls as Facebook, Instagram gives a change to share your daily life with other people. There you are able to create/update the outstanding images of yourself and your family, friends. Moreover, you could easily recommend and sell the products online or start to develop the business that just come into your mind. Your lifestyle, daily routine or unforgettable life events could be shared with a huge amount of your followers, who can judge you, support you or even hate you. The psychological life of yours may be impacted because of the various comments. Some people have decided to hide their identity by using the Random Name Generator as it can easily give you random name and surname combination and help you to create a fake account in order to save your privacy. Or others still try to save their privacy by adopting policies which does not allow to see your information for the strangers. On the other hand,  you should remember what you upload on internet, stays in it. So in order to save your information better double think before uploading the files, pictures or personal video online. 

In this social media age to keep your privacy is getting harder. The need to share your “perfect” life could bring many challenges to your personal psychological health or even watching other people “perfect life” image” could cause dissatisfaction of your own life or even depression. To keep your anonymity from my point of view is becoming a new luxury. Even it may be exciting to share your life online, however do not forget to put your mental health and privacy in the first place. Let’s turn off the internet and enjoy the life around us.