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Is Betting On Sports in the Netherlands Legal?

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Legal Sports Betting In The Netherlands

Those who wager on sports in their own country, as well as those who go to other countries, can do so legally in the Netherlands now. With the English Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga just a few miles apart, the country has a large group of soccer enthusiasts. Sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands are avid participants in a variety of major sporting events throughout the year, including European basketball. The Netherlands legalizes both land-based and internet sports wagering. If you’re a fan of wagering on sports, overseas sportsbooks can offer you some of the finest odds around.

How to Wager Online

There is no shortage of wagering odds, lines, wager kinds, or payment alternatives for Dutch sports bettors. These wagering options are the finest methods to get involved in the activity. Players may get assistance from international sportsbooks that offer services in English and Dutch and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. International wagering websites have made it possible for Dutch citizens to participate in legal sports wagering.

As sports betting is now legal, various lists of online bookmakers in Netherlands have been created to help players find different betting providers and promotions they offer. Choosing one that best fits your betting needs is a priority, as it would lead to you having an amazing betting experience.

The Netherlands Sports Betting Laws

Online gambling, including sports wagering, was intended to be legalized in the Netherlands in 2019, after a protracted procedure that started in 2016. As originally planned, the market for regulated online gambling would have opened in November of this year, but it was continually postponed until October 1st, 2021. As of now, there are 10 licensed sportsbooks operating in the Netherlands. It is not uncommon for Dutch players to participate in sports betting via international sportsbooks. Gamblers in the Netherlands may get the finest odds and lines at these websites. This is the greatest approach to engage in line shopping since there are so many alternatives to choose from that you can always get the best odds.

The Netherlands Sports Betting Markets

Neighboring countries of the Netherlands include Belgium and Germany. This is why European football leagues like the EPL, Serie A, and La Liga are so popular with bettors who wager on the games online. In the Netherlands, sports wagering is one of the most popular methods for fans to get involved in the high-octane action of their favorite sports. In the Netherlands, sports wagering is popular with both locals and visitors, and the market is composed of both groups. As a result, every big athletic event attracts a considerable number of potential gamblers. Every year, licensed sportsbooks earn a considerable amount of money from a large group of sports gamblers.

Choosing a Good Betting Site in the Netherlands

With so many possibilities, it might be difficult for some people to decide which online wagering website to register an account with. Consider the following if you’re considering opening one:

  • Safety: In the Netherlands, registering with a reputable service provider is extremely critical. Dutch gamblers needn’t worry much about their choice of a licensed bookmaker because of the Remote Gambling Act.
  • Currency: Avoid paying exorbitant currency rates by using an online wagering service that accepts Euro wagers from Dutch consumers.
  • Odds: Good rates from your sportsbook are essential to getting a fair return on your wagers. 
  • Welcome bonus: The greatest wagering websites are common in offering new clients a sign-up bonus or any other type of incentive to join their site. You can get free bet credits, risk-free wagers, or wagering bonuses as a result of this. It’s always a good idea to look into the wagering options supplied by the most renowned bookmakers.

Popular Payment Methods in the Netherlands

In the past, the Dutch government attempted to restrict transactions with internet bookies in an effort to maintain market control. Banks and other payment service providers rebuffed the government’s attempts to regulate the internet gaming industry.

iDeal, a prominent online payment method founded in the Netherlands, is accepted by a wide range of bookies as well as global brands like Skrill, PayPal, and NETELLER.

Which Sports Are Popular in the Netherlands?

Most Dutch people like playing football, which comes as no surprise considering the innumerable stars who have dazzled in the orange national team uniform. Ajax, Feyenoord, and PSV are just a few of the clubs in the Eredivisie, which is the country’s premier division. The English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world and has a broad variety of betting options.

Many major matches take place in the UEFA Champions League throughout the course of the season. To qualify for the competition group stage, the Dutch Eredivisie winners are automatically included, whilst a second-placed club must go through the qualifying stages.

Hockey comes second on the list. It was a memorable moment for the Netherlands as they hosted the 2014 Hockey World Cup in the Hague — a tournament the Dutch team had won three times.

Cycling, tennis, horse racing, MMA, golf, gymnastics, and volleyball are among popular sports in the Netherlands.