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Is Binge-Watching Shows With Your Partner Good For Your Relationship?

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We’ve all imagined ourselves and the people in our lives doing things that used to make us feel comfortable and cozy, like watching our favorite TV show while wrapped in a soft blanket with a cup of our favorite tea. The truth is that watching TV shows is one of the ultimate forms of spending time together, especially for couples who do not have a rich social life. 

Watching series together is a popular thing nowadays, and since there are a huge number of new popular series that are of good quality, this is something that one of the partners will suggest at some point. We’ve prepared a list of whether watching shows together is really beneficial to your relationships. 

You Will Spend Purposeful Time Together 

No matter if it is as simple as watching your favorite series together, spending some good-quality, purposeful time together can have a seriously deep impact on your relationship. People are off-guard when they are home and will show their true face, which will make it much easier for you, by spending so much time together, to identify the shortcomings of your relationships and hence address them. In line with what Best Self Forward, couples therapy and marriage counselling in Victoria, B.C., folks suggest, couples who lose touch and connection with each other tend to be more emotionally distressed, frustrated, and anxious. So, doing simple things together, such as binge-watching TV series, can help them recognize the problems and re-touch. 

Deeper Connection Because of Mutual Interests 

One of the ultimate reasons why watching TV shows together is a good thing is that you will feel a deeper connection with your partner through sharing some of your mutual interests in characters and plots. Also, watching series together has an interesting aspect. It specifically assisted couples in compensating for the lack of mutual friends in real life that they had been experiencing. 

Creating References to Their Relationships

There was research where older couples were interviewed about watching some kind of content together, and they all recalled these memories fondly. The thing is that almost all of them have also associated watching some series with particular moments and events in their relationship. This all leads to the conclusion that watching series together can help you create memories with your partner and potentially associate them with some meaningful events for both of you. 


Physical Closeness 

As much as mental closeness and connection benefit the partners, a physical connection is equally important. Couples who cuddle on the sofa while watching their favorite TV series are provided with a more physical closeness, which eventually puts people together. Also, this helps them connect with the plot and characters in a more intimate way. You will be surprised at how much spending this close time together helps couples overcome obstacles in their relationships and find healthier ways to deal with them. 

Watching TV series together with your partner translates into spent-time-together moments that have a deep impact on any relationship. First and foremost, it encourages open communication and the sharing of special moments via similar experiences. In addition, they are offered a chance to make some of the most precious memories and associate them with the on-screen events, which will make even deeper connections among the partners.