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Is BK8 Online Casino Safe To Play in Singapore?

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There is common confusion about online gambling laws in Singapore. A lot of people ask the question of whether it is legal or not? The answer is quite clear as mentioned in the Gambling Act of Singapore 2010, which states that any means of gambling through electronic media is illegal with the exception of a few online casinos that have proper licensing to offer these services. Therefore, if you are on vacation in Singapore or happen to live there and looking for legal means to enjoy online gambling while sitting on your couch and sipping on some vintage whisky, we recommend you take a look at BK8 online casino or online casino österreich mit echtgeld bonus, which offer the best gambling experience in a safe and secure manner.

Why is Singapore Strict About Online Gambling?

Just so it happens, online gambling claims a little over $45 million each year through fraudulent websites and many cases of hacking and online abuse have been reported in the past 20 years. Moreover, in Singapore, a massive increase in online gambling and cases of online frauds have been reported in 2009, after which the government took serious measures and banned most of the online casinos leaving only a handful of casinos to operate under strict rules and regulations.

Moreover, a rapid increase in mobile use was observed from 2006 to 2010 in Singapore during office hours which ultimately affected the productivity of employees and therefore, rising concerns of business owners forced the lawmakers to make special policies and laws regarding online gambling. Furthermore, many people pushed for the ban of online gambling websites because of the fear that it was readily available to kids and most of the online casino owners were untraceable because of the nature of this business.

Why BK8 Online Casino Singapore Is The Safest?

There are more than a dozen online casinos working in Singapore lawfully and all of them are competitive but only BK8 is trusted by millions of people because of its transparent and fair gambling practices. Firstly, the casino exists internationally so there is no restriction on location, and an online gambling fan can access it easily from every corner of the world. This clearly shows that this platform is capable of handling millions of users without breaking a sweat.

Secondly, BK8 is properly licensed by Singapore gambling control authorities and several other international gambling bodies to provide a safe and secure online gambling experience to users worldwide. Furthermore, the casino has some prominent features that make it unique and widely trusted such as:

1- High Number of Promotions and Bonuses

First thing first, every online casino offers different bonuses, rewards, and promotions than what’s so special about BK8, well this casino not only offers bonuses and rewards but also provides tons of rebates and discounts. A player can take advantage of these rebates and discounts to enhance his/her experience so that when the time comes, he/she will be able to beat the odds. Moreover, BK8 also offers a mega welcome bonus of up to 150% for new players as a gesture of goodwill upon signing up for the membership.

When a player wins any kind of promotion, discount, or bonus the credits are sent to the player’s wallet directly which can then be used to place bets on gambling games or playing on casino tables.

2- Licensed and Trusted Platform

To avoid any kind of fraudulent activity the casino has installed a high-tech firewall system which is a 128-bit highly encrypted security system and protects the system against any kind of cyber-attack by reporting suspicious activity directly to moderators. Therefore, BK8 online casino was able to secure online gambling licenses from Maltese gambling authorities, the Singapore government, and Caraco’s government to operate without restrictions. Very few online casinos possess these licenses, and it certainly makes BK8 one of the most trusted online gambling platforms.

Furthermore, the games on this platform are tested pre-hand by famous gaming labs such as BMM Labs and iTech Labs to ensure these games are not rigged and 100% safe to play. BK8 promises its clients 100% safety and security while they enjoy the best online gambling experience on this platform.

3- Variety of Gambling Games

BK8 has an exciting collection of online gambling games that goes up to 1000 games which includes all kinds of genres such as shooting, arcade, casino slots, poker, baccarat, live casino tables, eSports, and much more. The games are provided by trusted and authenticated online gaming providers such as Evolution Gaming, Spade Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech. All the games have high-quality graphics and interactive gameplays which are worth every penny a player spends.

4- Best Customer Support

In a business such as online gambling, the happiness of the customer is very important. A happy customer will promote the positive views about an online casino and leave a good review for others which helps in attracting the other players. Therefore, BK8 made every effort to make a player feel comfortable on the platform and to make sure that BK8 is providing world-class customer support which is available 24/7 to attend to the needs of players.

The customer care team is made up of professionals who deal with the queries of players in a calm and pleasant manner. The casino also offers the option of the live chat through Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and even YouTube so that the players can also keep in touch with the platform on social media as well.

Final Thoughts

BK8 online casino is one of the most reliable and trusted online casino Singapore. With its generous rewards, wide variety of gaming options, and excellent customer care it is leading the online gambling market in Singapore. You can get started on BK8 by clicking on the link and completing the registration process.

Sign up today to get eligible for a 150% welcome bonus offered by BK8 online casino for a limited time on your first minimum deposit of 50 SGD. Act fast and be a part of the BK8 online gambling community today!