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Is Fate: The Winx Saga On Netflix Worth Watching?

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The Winx Saga, a fictional universe inspired by Fate, is now available on Netflix. 

You may call it the television adaptation of the childhood cartoon ‘Winx Club.’ 

Iginio Straffi developed the Nickelodeon animated series Winx Club, which inspired this Netflix adolescent drama series. 

If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can download the series straight from for free. 

Now, let’s check out if this adaptation is wort-watching or not.

What’s The Story About?

This adaption is based on the main characters from Fate: The Winx Saga. The realm of fairies, monsters, and the Otherworld is depicted in this series. The first season, which closes with a bang, sets the tone for the rest of the series.

The main character Bloom, performed by Abigail Cowen, is the focus of Fate: The Winx Saga. Her own strength is uncontrollable. In Alfea, she attends a fairy school. 

Critics have had conflicting reactions to the program. 

Bloom, a human who finds her way up at Alfea Academy, has an exciting and unpleasant existence, which is chronicled in this series. 

She not only discovers her gift – fire – but also a stunning reality about her existence, in which she learns that her parents are not the same as the people who nurtured her in California.

Bloom goes out on her own floor to discover more about herself. Will she be able to conquer the difficulties in her path? 

This is the main plot of the series. 


Bloom is about to start school at Alfea, which is a boarding school for fairies situated far away from the human territories. 

Bloom’s initial contact is with an expert named Sky, who discovers that Bloom is from the “realm” of California.

She meets her housemates, including Stella, who is tasked with mentoring her. Each of her other housemates has a unique ability.

Bloom can create fire; Aisha can manage water; Musa can feel what others feel, and Terra can manipulate plants.

Headmistress Farah Dowling informs Bloom that she has no choice but to be there; as much as Bloom wants to learn to manage her talents and then return home, Dowling believes that if Bloom accepts the learning process, she may be among the grads who change the Otherworld.

How Much Has The Story Progressed So Far?

There’s a reason why there’s a barrier around the campus: beings known as Burned Ones lurk outside, ready to attack anybody. 

Bloom ventures outside the barrier to learn how to control her abilities; at different moments, she flashes back to her life at home just before she left, when she became so enraged with her demanding mother that she set fire to her parent’s bedroom. 

When Bloom attempts to control her firepower, Aisha comes along and stops her from igniting a bush fire.

Aisha speculates that Bloom is a changeling, a fairy switched for a human infant in the “real world” after speaking with Bloom, who maintains there are no fairies in her family heritage. It’s a very unusual and perilous link to the outside world. 

Stella is pretty resentful of Bloom because of the attention her ex Sky is giving her. However, when Bloom feels homesick, she lends her the portal-opening ring so that she can go home. After her visit, she comes face to face with a Burned One near the portal. 

Dowling looks after the creature when she is away in the “real world.”


Fate: The Winx Saga, produced by Brian Young, is a little silly and feels like a show that would fit better on The CW’s schedule rather than Netflix’s. 

It’s not bad, but at the conclusion of the first episode, we were left scratching our heads, wondering if the series could have benefited from a smaller cast and more character development. 

Since there is a succession of Specialists that we barely get to know, the cast is substantially larger than what we covered in the Gist section. 

Riven is a troublesome expert who makes cheap jokes about Terra’s weight, and Dane is a lovely person who can’t keep his drinks. 

Dowling also consults a teacher named Silva for information on the Burned Ones, but his character is not well-executed so far. At this time, even the other females who become Bloom’s greatest friends are nothing more than stereotypes.

To Conclude…

This series will not bother you if you enjoy the magical world, such as Harry Potter. 

This series will not disappoint us, although it does not compare to the Harry Potter film series to any extent. 

Therefore, we think ‘Fate: The Winx Saga,’ is really worth seeing. Although critics have had conflicting reactions to this series, we must give it another chance before passing our judgments, so it’s better to wait until the next season.