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Is Hemp Shampoo Good For Your Scalp? 

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Hemp Shampoo is amazing for dry, itching scalps. Hemp is the sister plant of cannabis. Like cannabis, hemp also produces CBD (cannabidiol). Hemp is grown specifically for medicinal and industrial purposes. Hemp is rich in healthy, fatty acids like omega-3, which makes for an exceptionally nourishing shampoo. To use, squirt shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather into wet hair. Be sure to work the shampoo through your roots, down to the ends of your hair. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. After consistent use, your hair will be more hydrated and generally healthier. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin on your scalp, hemp shampoo will get rid of this in no time. We also love this Loxa Beauty CBD Hand Lotion. The natural CBD oils in the lotion make it a great moisturiser for your hard-working, rough hands. 

CBD makes for a great skin and hair product, but it also works miracles on back pain. You may ask how does cbd cream help back pain? Well, CBD can significantly improve your quality of life if you suffer from chronic or acute back pain. Back pain can appear as a result of old age or overuse. Alternatively, a strained muscle or injured spinal ligament may cause pain. Lifestyle changes like regular physiotherapy, frequent exercise, and healthy eating can all improve back pain. However, we often need an immediate solution to discomfort. CBD is a miracle product for back pain. Unlike pharmaceutical pain medication, there are no nasty side effects. Instead, topical CBD for pain can be used every day. In fact, some Doctors recommend regular use because CBD compounds in the body over time. This means that CBD has the potential to actually heal back pain, instead of only treating it. Using topical CBD for back pain is very easy. Simply choose your desired treatment – this may be in the form of an oil, lotion, vape, or even a CBD Gummy Bear – and use as advertised. 

We particularly recommend CBD cream to help back pain. The cream is easy to integrate into your daily skin care routine. It is fast to absorb and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. Rub a dollop of CBD cream on the area that is causing pain or soreness. If it feels comfortable, try to massage the cream into the affected area. This promotes full absorption of the topical CBD, as well as relieving some tension in the back muscles. One of the best at-home remedies for back pain is to stretch and strengthen the back muscles. Massaging CBD into inflamed, or painful back pain is a great way to relieve tension or inflammation. Ideally, do this after exercise or stretching to promote active recovery of the muscles in your back. CBD cream is able to manage pain because of endocannabinoid receptor activity. Endocannabinoids within CBD bind to endocannabinoids in the body that regulate pain. 

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