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Is It Okay for Kids to Use YouTube Shorts? 

hort-form video clips on YouTube Shorts can be watched almost anywhere and anytime. But did you know that kids also contribute to YouTube Shorts? With this platform, kids can go far with their talent and creativity but also run the risk of self-sabotage and failure. So, you may wonder, “Is it okay for kids to use YouTube Shorts?” The short answer is, “Yes, you should let your kids use YouTube.” The benefits of doing so are numerous and will only improve with age. Letting kids work on their skills online can help them practise new techniques, grow as artists, and, most importantly – learn from their mistakes. But it is also important to monitor kids’ activity on YouTube Shorts and set parental controls. Here are five reasons why you should let your kid use YouTube Shorts and how to monitor and control their activity using parental control apps. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kid Use YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts is a powerful and rewarding platform for kids to explore their creativity and express themselves. There are many benefits to using YouTube Shorts, including the following: 

YouTube Shorts Is a Relatively Safe Entertainment Platform for Kids 

YouTube Shorts is a relatively safe entertainment platform for kids due to its strict moderation, age-appropriate content, and parental control options. YouTube’s team carefully moderates and scrutinises the platform removing content violating its rules. Additionally, the platform only allows content rated G, PG, or PG-13 for kids, ensuring it’s appropriate for their age. 

Parents can also use YouTube Shorts’ parental controls to further protect their children from inappropriate content. The platform allows parents to control what videos their kids can watch, set viewing time limits, and restrict searches to approved content. Furthermore, YouTube Shorts automatically detects and hides inappropriate comments. 

YouTube Shorts Can Increase Kids’ Knowledge and Skills 

Kids learn by doing. That is why you should let them experience new things and learn from their mistakes. You can, therefore, encourage your child to continue to explore YouTube Shorts. By incorporating videos from other sources, including non-YouTube sources, kids will learn about different cultures, different cuisines, and different types of art. Doing so not only gives them a broader cultural awareness but also gives them an appreciation for how other people create. 


YouTube Shorts Is a Good Way for Kids to Learn How to Create Video Content 

One of the best things about YouTube Shorts is that it is an excellent place for kids to learn how to create video content. Creating YouTube Shorts can help your child hone their skills in several areas, including camera and video editing and writing. Even if your child doesn’t end up making videos for YouTube, this experience can still be helpful. By creating and editing videos using tools like YouTube, your child will gain an understanding of how the entire video production process works. 

YouTube Shorts Help Kids Develop Self-Confidence 

Perhaps most importantly, YouTube Shorts helps kids develop self-confidence. This is true for kids of all ages but is particularly important for younger kids who may not yet have developed an identity on their own. Letting kids make videos on YouTube gives them a way to show the world who they are and what they are capable of. Through this process, kids can also build broader self-esteem. This alone can make YouTube Shorts an excellent hobby for your child. 

YouTube Shorts Enables Kids to Earn Money 

Finally, YouTube Shorts enables kids to earn money. If they are so involved in the creative process, they could also monetise their work. With the right pacing, your child can make money producing content for YouTube Shorts. This can be as simple as a video ad, a music video, or a collage using photos and videos you provide. The more challenging your child is as a video producer, the more they will appreciate this opportunity. 

A great way to start is by offering to be their first audience. Watch your child’s videos and help them out by giving them feedback. Your child can offer to review videos for other kids with the same interests. This way, they can see how others are monetising their work and create monetizing strategies. 

What Are the Risks of Using YouTube Shorts for Kids 

Despite YouTube Shorts’ many advantages, kids should be careful while exploring it. They can, for example, accidentally click on inappropriate or malicious videos. Kids are very likely to run into scams, ads, and other marketing forms that could lead to otherwise-unwanted purchases or other negative consequences. 

If you are a parent worried about what might pop up on your kids’ screens next while using YouTube Shorts, we suggest reading Is YouTube Shorts Safe for Kids. This blog post offers a complete explanation of the potential risks of YouTube Shorts. 

How to Protect Your Kid on YouTube Shorts 

Parents should closely monitor their kids’ YouTube Shorts activity and, if needed, limit their access to this platform. The first step to protect your child is having a conversation about YouTube Shorts with them. Explain what the potential risks of using YouTube shorts by children are and how to avoid them. 

The next thing to do is use the tools that Google has provided parents. One such tool is known as Safety Check. This app can help you know when your kid is connected to the internet. You can use it to see whether your child is safe or not. Another tool that Google created is called Family Safety. This app can help you monitor and control your child’s online activity. Using it, you can set restrictions on what happens when your kid is online. 


How Do Parental Control Apps Make YouTube Shorts Safe for Your Kid? 

Despite the tools mentioned earlier being helpful, they cannot replace parental control apps such as Safes. With parental control applications, parents can ensure their children’s safety while allowing them to take advantage of the internet’s possibilities. These apps are designed to give parents an overview of their children’s screen time and activity. In addition, parents can set age-appropriate content limits and filters. This allows them to make sure their children are only accessing content appropriate for their age. 

When it comes to YouTube Shorts specifically, parents can choose to limit their children’s access to the platform or put restrictions on specific types of content. For example, they can choose to block access to channels or videos with explicit or offensive language.  

Parental control apps also offer features to help keep children on other online platforms safe. For example, by using them, parents can track their children’s online activity and block inappropriate websites. Additionally, they can receive alerts when certain activities are detected on their children’s devices. 

How to Monitor and Control Your Child’s YouTube Shorts Activity with Safes? 

Safes offers the most comprehensive tools to keep your child safe on YouTube Shorts and other video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. With Safes’s Social Media Monitoring tool, you can decide what kind of videos your child can see by applying content filters. If your child tries to access restricted content, you’ll be notified. Moreover, if your child sends or receives comments with harmful keywords, as well as blocking the content, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. 

Safes runs on all devices with various operating systems. So, it doesn’t matter if your child uses an iPhone or Android phone Mac or Windows computer to access YouTube Shorts; Safes protects them everywhere. Perhaps the best option that Safes offers is that parents can set or change parental control settings on all of their children’s devices remotely—right from their own phone, tablet, or computer. 

Final Words: Is It Okay for Kids to Use YouTube Shorts? 

It is essential to consider the benefits and risks of YouTube Shorts for kids before allowing them to use it. On the one hand, YouTube Shorts can be a great way for kids to explore creativity and express themselves while also providing an endless source of educational content. On the other hand, there are certain risks that parents need to be aware of, such as access to inappropriate content, potential cyberbullying, and too much screen time. 

Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children. Setting guidelines and rules around YouTube Shorts usage and limiting screen time is essential. Parents should also monitor their children’s activity while watching YouTube Shorts to ensure they are not engaging in dangerous activities or exposing themselves to inappropriate content. The key is to find the right balance between allowing kids to explore their creativity and keeping them safe. Parental control apps like Safes can help you find the balance.