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Is it Possible to Manipulate Pokie Machines?

Widespread false theories on the manipulation of pokie machines

Pokie machines are the most popular game of chance worldwide and promise big money for a small stake. Of course luck has to play its part. If it doesn’t, there are numerous tricks on the net that promise how pokies can be manipulated and cracked – both online and offline. 

Can pokie machines be rigged at all?

All sorts of rumors, myths and instructions about manipulating the pokie machines romp around on the Internet. However, real testimonials and solid evidence are rare. That shouldn’t be surprising, since an attempt at manipulation can quickly result in an illegal act. However, this fact only makes the whole cause more interesting. Nevertheless, the question arises whether pokie machines can be manipulated – the answer and more on this in this article. If you want to play safely, then try Australian online pokies with payid by the link

Trick pokie machines with a magnet

Probably the most persistent and oldest rumor is that pokie machines can be cracked with a magnet. However, you will look in vain for proper instructions on the internet. Nevertheless, this trick now enjoys cult status in this area.

Whether a magnet is really capable of manipulating a pokie machine is highly questionable. The method may have worked just a few decades ago, but today, given the advances in technology, bringing high-end gaming devices to their knees with a conventional magnet might seem like an impossibility. The built-in software is way too advanced for that. Accordingly, one should not hope for a windfall.

Is the mobile phone the modern crowbar?

Much more interesting is the question of whether pokie machines can be manipulated by mobile phones. Because smartphones work just like gambling machines with radiation and frequencies. This fact makes theoretical manipulation possible – but not for lay people.

Smartphones emit radiation between 1,800 and 2,000 megahertz (MHz). This is the frequency range in which pokie machine games also move. This commonality is responsible for why the functioning of the pokies can be accessed via mobile phone. If you take a closer look at the topic, you will inevitably come across apps and programs that take advantage of the radiation from Bluetooth and WLAN

This enables them to predict certain events in the course of the game. At least that’s what the network predicts.

“Phreaking” via smartphone

For a period of time the media reported on “Phreaking”. This is another way of manipulating pokies via mobile phone. According to press reports, some resourceful gamblers exploit any security gaps in the software. Basically, the method is based on the mobile phone looking for an infrared diode in the machine.

 The position of the diode is then sent to external software, which in the best case scenario recognizes the player as an administrator. Such a pokie then has nothing to do with luck.

As profitable and simple as “phreaking” may sound, in order for the method to actually be used, the necessary software must first be found. In addition, the operators and manufacturers recognized the security gap relatively quickly and closed it. While there may still be a chance that phreaking will work on some pokies, relying on it is like the infamous finding a needle in a haystack.

Basically, it can always happen that pokie machines are vulnerable and can be cracked with a smartphone. However, such malfunctions in the software are only of very short duration. Manufacturers and arcades have long since corrected the corresponding errors before you get wind of it.

Trick machines with wire

The good old wire is cited on numerous forums and industry sites as a useful tool for pokie machine manipulation. There are even explicit instructions, but these should not be followed as they would not work under any circumstances. In general, the benefit of a simple wire can be strongly doubted. The machines in arcades and casinos are based on complex technology. Common sense alone forbids believing the wire theory.

In addition, it is quite noticeable when a pokie is doctored with a wire in an arcade. Apart from the low chances of success, such an approach is logically illegal.

Jammers or EMP jammers

Many pokie machines have Bluetooth, which in turn makes them vulnerable to electronic attacks. In particular, the so-called jammers, which cause an electromagnetic impulse , should be mentioned in this context. They act as transmitters designed to disrupt the electrical circuits of the pokies.

There are all kinds of kits, tutorials and guides on the web that deal with EMP jammers and explain how they work. Some online stores even sell the jammers directly. In the heyday, the jammers were built into cigarette boxes, among other things. Today, apps and other software are used to affect how a pokie machine works.

Pull out the coin

Just as legendary as the magnet method is the strategy of simply pulling out the inserted coin. It may sound absurd, but the manipulation variant is represented quite prominently on the Internet. But how exactly does it work? You simply tie a coin to a string so that it can be pulled out through the pokie after the pokie machine recognizes the deposit. This gives you free spins if you are successful .

This trick has not only been extensively tested on pokie machines, but also on cigarette machines. In the past, the strategy actually worked because the manufacturers didn’t count on such audacity or such ingenuity.

Can online pokie machines be manipulated?

pokies in online casinos are not tangible. They consist almost entirely of software, which makes infiltration more difficult. However, the network swears by bots that specifically attack weaknesses in digital pokie machines and enable players to make big profits.

However, the respective bots should be treated with caution. Online pokies are developed exclusively by well-known and reputable providers who make their applications available to trusted online casinos in exchange for a license. The entire software is accordingly on the servers of the respective provider, whose firewall and IT security will hardly let a bot through.

There are more likely bugs that are not direct manipulation, but can still be used for your own advantage. However, errors in the software of a provider or an online casino are relatively rare in the absolute context. Optimization is very high due to modern industry standards.