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Is it Safe to Trade With Prime XBT?

Prime XBT was established in 2018 in Seychelles. By using prime XBT you can trade cryptocurrency and CFDs on its platform. Traders can use Bitcoin as collateral to trade a wide range of markets, including foreign exchange (FX), cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices-things that are not available on many cryptocurrency exchanges today. With the help of Prime, XBT users can form a theory about the price movements of the traditional market.

It unites the speed and exchanging experience of crypto trades with the extensive markets that traditional traders (for example, CMC, Pepper stone, and IG markets) generally offer. It means that from a single wallet, 30+ trading assets can be traded by using 1 asset (BTC). With bitcoin, you can make every transaction quicker and non-expensive and also you don’t have to stress about fiat deposits. Prime XBT provides a secure trading environment and access to top-tier liquidity and various trading tools. If you want to invest in bitcoin, visit bitcoin south african system.

Prime XBT Leverage

PrimeXBT provides leverage of 1:100 for all cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indexes available on the platform, and leverage of 1:1000 for foreign exchange professionals. The system will automatically provide all users with the ability to buy (or sell) equal to 100 times the deposit value. For gaining the highest trading profits, prime XBT also offers the highest leverage for the remaining tools.

Leveraged exchanging can be a useful asset for dealers. You can expand your parity by exploiting moderately little value changes. It works by laying down a small part of the total value of the transaction-the exchange provides the remaining deposits to expand the size of the position without taking up funds. It might likewise have the contrary impact and increment the size of the misfortune.

Prime XBT Fees

While picking a digital currency exchanging trade, trade expenses are significant thought. This turns out to be particularly significant when exchanging bigger position sizes and in leveraged trades where you need to pay charges for places that are a lot bigger than the margin. PrimeXBT charges are extremely clear and straightforward.


There are no deposit fees charged in the Prime XBT. When bitcoins are withdrawn from an exchange, only a small amount of bitcoin network fees is charged. The fees of the Prime XBT has limited to standard 0.0005 BTC.

Trading Fees

Trade fees and overnight financing are two different types of fees charged by Prime XBT. Every time you purchase or sell in the market, you’ll be charged a 0.5% trade fee for the cryptocurrency assets. The overnight finance fee will be charged depending on the liquidity of the different cryptocurrencies. If you’re financing a leveraged position for more than 24 hours, only then you’ll be charged with the overnight finance fee and if you’re completing the leveraged position within 24 hours then you don’t have to pay any fee.

Prime XBT Security

To protect the customer’s funds and private keys from hacking and stealing, Prime XBT provides various safety measures.

Prime XBT Wallet

On Prime XBT, most of the user’s private keys and digital assets are kept in cold storage wallets and away from the network. It means that even if the system is hacked, hackers cannot take all the keys and digital assets. A little level of assets is kept in hot wallets ensured by industry-leading security. Hot wallets are useful as withdrawals can be processed quickly and in case your assets are stolen then you’ll be insured against the loss.

Prime XBT provides the features of both the wallets, one will save the funds from stealing and the other will give the insurance in case something happens. The transferring of all the funds is handled and controlled by the various Prime XBT employees.