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Is Medical Marijuana Better Than CBD Oil?

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Cannabis has gained immense popularity as a medication for its therapeutic properties. The plant has hundreds of cannabinoids, out of which two cannabinoids gained the most attention, THC and CBD. THC is known for its euphoric effects whereas CBD is known for its non-intoxicating, therapeutic properties.

The representation of the cannabinoid as a ‘non psychoactive’, therapeutic compound of the cannabis plant went so far that the cannabis market witnessed a major shift towards CBD infused products.

But are these claims actually true? Or can this be seen as just some “marketing strategy” that these CBD manufacturers are using to attract the audience?

Is CBD better than marijuana, as a lot of people assume or is it the opposite that’s true?

Medical Marijuana vs CBD

It may get a little confusing for a lot of people who are familiar with the basics of marijuana and its cannabinoids.

Yes, THC is intoxicating and CBD is not.

But other than that there is a lot of information that has been disclosed to the common public majorly by CBD manufacturers and not by medical marijuana doctors. In addition to that, the illegal status of the plant at federal level and the fact that it still isn’t approved by the FDA are reasons that have resulted in creating this imbalance between CBD and marijuana.  

To touch the basics of both, medical marijuana or marijuana is a plant that contains components that include cannabinoids, like CBD, and terpenes. CBD, on the other hand, is just a cannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp plants. Hemp plants are more beneficial in many ways. Click here to see how.

Since marijuana contains a lot of components other than CBD, it has a diverse range of effects and properties. This suggests that other components of the plant also have a lot to offer and most of these effects are on the positive side. However, we cannot simply avoid discussing the intoxicating property of the cannabis plant which is induced by THC.

Health Benefits of THC

Sure, the cannabinoid can offer you euphoric effects, the ‘high’ in common language, but is that all the cannabinoid can do? Absolutely not.

THC has medicinal properties as well which can offer relief better than CBD in certain conditions. From pain relief to reducing nausea, vomiting, stress, PTSD, and helping with sleep, THC has a number of effects on the human body that should be considered beneficial.

Despite all this, it is considered the “bad guy” because apparently consumption THC in high quantities can cause intoxication.

But does any pharmaceutical consumed in high quantities offer zero unpleasant effects? That is a question no one is ready for.

Is CBD Safer Than Marijuana?

A lot of people believe CBD is safer than marijuana. Sure, it does not have any major side effects. And most importantly it is a cannabinoid with medicinal properties that has the potential to help manage innumerable health conditions. But it is a product produced by marijuana, in the end. How are we comparing a component with its parent plant?

Well, we can. And in comparison, it does come out that CBD can be a little on the safer side because it doesn’t give intoxicating effects. But that is not where the discussion should end.

Marijuana or CBD Which Is Better? 

The answer to this question can be ultimately deduced to personal preference and the condition one is suffering from but if we compare the properties and effects, we will have to choose marijuana over CBD.

CBD offers effects and benefits of CBD alone. But marijuana, on the other hand, has effects and benefits of CBD and several other cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant.

Not just that, studies have found that CBD, for some conditions, works better in presence of little traces of THC because the cannabinoids produce an entourage effect.

Is Hemp CBD Better Than Marijuana CBD?

There is another misconception among cannabis and CBD users that the CBD derived from the hemp plant is better. Which is one of the reasons why they shift to CBD infused products.

It shouldn’t come as a shock when we say that CBD derived from both hemp and marijuana plants is actually the same. The source it is extracted from does not alter the effects it shall offer.

The only difference that should matter is that hemp derived CBD is legal and marijuana derived CBD is not. In addition to that, it is easier to extract CBD from the hemp plant because the hemp plant has more CBD and less THC and the opposite is true for marijuana.

That suggests, both hemp and marijuana derived CBD produce similar effects for the consumer and difference in the source shouldn’t really matter.


Marijuana is better than CBD oil because it can help manage a number of conditions better than CBD alone. The reason behind that is the presence of several other components in the marijuana plant along with CBD and THC which produce an entourage effect. However, this should not stop you from using CBD oil if that is already working for you. The idea is to not consider THC or marijuana “bad guys”.