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Is Node JS Suitable for eCommerce?

E-commerce has redefined business outlook globally. Since 2014, e-commerce has grown by 276.9 percent. Internet penetration has made this possible by increasing global access. From a technical point of view, e-commerce may be very challenging. Node.js has become one of the most widespread platforms used by developers globally. It is a JavaScript runtime environment and is open-source and cross-platform.

Developers use it for a high-speed web experience. Please do not confuse it with a programming language. It uses JavaScript code to run both client-side and server-side operations. If you hire e-commerce developers, they will tell you that Node.js is among the topmost reliable platforms that exist to build an e-commerce store. In many situations, Node.js has proven to provide higher performance than other technologies. From Netflix to NASA, everyone is using it. As an entrepreneur, you need to decide whether Node.js is the right fit for you. Here are some factors that can influence your decision.

Is Node.js a Good Choice for You?

  • Platform-Independence or Cross-Platform Compatibility

Node.js is interoperable and can work on and with any platform. It reduces the need for specialized knowledge. Developers do not need to have specialization in multiple languages. Less is more, or in this case, sufficient. It allows you to streamline the process of development smoothly. 

  • Increased Efficiency

As the framework is cross-platform compatible, it can save a great deal of your developer’s time. The in-built libraries have a myriad of previously coded functions. It eliminates the need to code such functions again.

  • Optimizes Performance and Output

Node.js is developed by Google and interpreted by V8 JavaScript Engine. It is proven to optimize performance vis-a-vis other technologies. It is exceptional at multitasking. It can easily handle various operations happening simultaneously. 

  • High Scalability

Node.js is scalable by nature. As a result, so is the e-commerce store developed using Node.js. It enables substantial growth and is quick to adjust to your requirements.

  • Fast and Lightweight

As Node.js is based on JavaScript, it is lightweight, user-friendly, but most importantly, fast. Execution is also fast due to Google’s V8 engine on which it is based. Blogs of will help you gain more information about the features of Node.js and its relationship with Google. 

  • Saves money on Paid License

An e-commerce store based on the Node.js framework does not need to pay for a license. It is because it is an open-source platform. It is one of the most crucial advantages of using Node.js. It allows you to seek help and advice from different professionals and developers while building your e-commerce store. The community of node.js developers consists of skilled and creative developers who are consistently improving the platform. 

  • Highly Customizable

Node.js is highly extensible and customizable. Changes in the existing model or any additions or deductions of any modules can quickly be done. If you are the kind of person that is prone to making frequent modifications, Node.js is your best friend. 


Who does not appreciate fast delivery too, at low costs? If you are an owner of an e-commerce store, Node.js may be your best bet. It does not perform well with CPU-heavy software. But high scalability and open source are too attractive a feature to ignore. Building an e-commerce store is an intricate process. 

All pieces need to work together for a smooth functioning store. To enable this, you need to opt for reliable technology like Node.js. If you are unsure, check out platforms like Reaction Commerce, Prime Fusion,, or code your solution. It may be too much of a hassle, but your choice depends on various factors. Only you can decide what is best for your business, so make your decision wisely.