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Is TeraBox a Chinese App? All You Need To Know About TeraBox 

You might be wondering “Is TeraBox from a Chinese company?” or “is TeraBox a Chinese App?”. In simple words: No, it’s not. 

This is a famous cloud storage firm, backuped by a Japanese company – Flextech. Inc. Now, Flextech offers backup of heavy files, file sharing, and many other services in just one software: TeraBox.

But still, the majority of cloud service users ask if they can trust TeraBox or not.  That’s why we have discussed important questions related to this cloud storage app, such as: Which country is TeraBox from? What is the history of TeraBox? Is your data safe with TeraBox? Should you trust it, and what is its pricing? 

Keep reading the article until the end to learn more about “Is TeraBox a Chinese company?”

What is TeraBox – An Overview 

TeraBox is a cloud storage tool used for video storage, document backup, and file sharing. It gives you free cloud storage of 1 TB. Yes, you read that right. 1 Terabyte of free storage for its users. 

It offers multiple layers of privacy protection so that users can store their files or documents in a safe and secure platform. You can upload and transfer your files to this cloud storage software and share them with your friends and family. 

In addition, it automatically backs up your photos and videos so that you can access your stored data on TeraBox from your mobile, computer, or any other device. 

TeraBox Company Origin

TeraBox, previously known as Dubox, first launched in 2020. It offered free storage for its users. After the 2024 brand update, Chinese investors left Flextech, and now TeraBox is fully owned by the Japanese company Flextech. TeraBox headquarters are based in Tokyo, Japan.

Some users still suspect that it is a Chinese company that has some kind of connection with the Chinese government. But in fact, it is all related to Japan.

Pros Of Using TeraBox 

TeraBox has some other benefits that make it a great option for a cloud storage user:

  • Automatic Cloud Backup

After you have created your TeraBox account and turned on automatic backups, your data will be automatically uploaded to its storage. It will sync with your device’s storage daily to ensure you can access your latest data anywhere.

  • File Sharing

This software lets you share files with friends, family, and colleagues. TeraBox has a feature that allows you to share your folders or documents through email or other links in your cloud storage.

  • Stream Video In Cloud Storage

If you want to watch videos in the cloud without installing additional software, consider using TeraBox. 

That’s because it lets you listen to your stored audio or stream your HD videos in the cloud without downloading any other software. You can also change the video resolution to 1080 P.

  • Huge Cloud Storage

As we have mentioned earlier, TeraBox offers users 1024 GB or 1 TB storage (for free). Meanwhile, 2 TB of storage is available to its premium users at a very affordable price. This offer is only provided by TeraBox, and 1 Terabyte of storage is like unlimited storage for a single individual.

Is Your Data Secure With TeraBox?

Now comes the critical question: “If TeraBox provides me 1 TB of free storage, Is my data safe and secure with TeraBox?”  

In short, Yes! Your data is secure and encrypted when using TeraBox. That’s because TeraBox is backed by tech giant Flextech’s strong security.  

According to TeraBox’s website, there are some factors that make this software a trusted and reliable cloud software. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

  • High-Security Protocols

One of the major reasons that your data is secure with TeraBox’s server is its high-security protocols. When the user uploads the data to cloud storage, the data is end-to-end encrypted. That means only users can access that data, and no one can access that data, and even employees won’t be able to access your data. 

Let’s say someone manages to hack your data, but its encryption will make that hacked data useless to the hacker.

They use two special encryptions to secure data “SSL” and “TLS.” A secure socket layer (SSL) secures the data transmission between the browser and the server. Meanwhile, the Transfer Protocol Layer, or TLS, will make the data transmission even more secure. Not only this, but the two-factor authentication allows only the owner of the account access to the data.

For further information, you can check Skybootstrap’s Review on TeraBox.

Flextech’s Role In Protection Of User’s Data

As you know, Flextech is not just an ordinary company. It is one of the most famous tech companies in Japan, offering cloud storage services. They are trusted by some of the renowned brands like Pixela and Booster. 

They store users’ data in a safe, predictable manner to ensure there is no involvement from the government or any other organization.

Japan’s Role In Data Privacy

In Japan, it is the basic requirement for cloud storage companies to protect the data of every user and ensure they get the best security possible.  

Every cloud service provider must act in accordance with Japanese data laws. Among these laws, APPI (Act of Protection of Personal Information) is made only to protect the user’s information.

Should You Trust TeraBox?

In our opinion, Yes, you should trust TeraBox. As we have discussed the security levels of TeraBox, trusting this software would be worth it. 

That’s because it is not just cloud storage software but a big platform managed by a Japanese tech giant. Cloud software has multiple layers of security and different types of encryption that make this software a trustworthy application. 

TeraBox’s privacy and security are unquestionable, and people rely highly on them for most cloud storage-related tasks.

Awards of TeraBox Till Now | Incredible Achievements

In the past few years, TeraBox has received several awards and recognition from all over the world.

  • Silver Award

In July 2022, TeraBox received a silver award for Best New Mobile Application in utility, tool, and productivity. Since then, TeraBox has been putting extra effort into making it even better than before.

  • Red Dot Award

In 2023, TeraBox received the “Red Dot Award” for Brand and Communication Design. Thanks to its design team for making this happen.

  • French Design Award and Muse Design Award

In the same year, TeraBox received another two design awards. The French Design Award and Muse Award are similar to the Red Dot Award. 

Pricing Plan of TeraBox In 2024

There are two versions of the TeraBox storage service. One is the Free version, and the other is the Premium version. 

Free Version:

  • The free version of TeraBox is free.
  • Gives you free storage of 1 TB.
  • You can save a maximum of 20 files.
  • The max video resolution you get is 480 P.

Premium Version:

  • The premium plan comes for $3.49 a month.
  • Gives you storage space of 2 TB
  • The maximum number of files that can be saved is 50,000.
  • You get max video resolution up to 1080P.

So, Is TeraBox a Chinese App?

No, TeraBox is not a Chinese app. Instead, the fact that it is a Japanese app managed by Japanese tech giant Flextech. In 2024, Flextech completely owned all the rights and ownership of TeraBox. 

Because the whole business was handed over to the Japanese tech giant “Flextech, “it can’t be considered a Chinese app. Now, TeraBox is a Japanese application managed by Flextech. Flextech is a safe and reliable cloud storage company free from all harm or scams.

Final TakeAway

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Is TeraBox A Chinese Company?” is “No.” It is actually a Japanese company managed by Japanese tech giant Flextech. Your data is safe and secure with TeraBox as it has many shields protected against hackers. 

You can download TeraBox’s software on your PC or install its application on your mobile. If you are facing any other problem or looking for the answer to a query, you can visit their help center.