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Is Using iOS for Gaming and Movies Worth It?

Apple devices are highly popular among people but a lot of tech enthusiasts prefer to go for Android due to its more open nature. It is well known that there are fewer apps and opportunities on iOS than on Android. However, Apple is still creating some of the best mobile devices on the market and their phones are still worth it for many.

Apple is also known for building its own apps and platform to satisfy its users. For this reason, we’ll explore the opportunities that you have for gaming, content consumption, and other forms of entertainment on iOS devices.

iOS Gaming

Apple has a different approach when it comes to gaming. The company prefers to limit the number of games available on its platform, focusing only on the quality ones. This means that there are fewer games available to play on iOS than on Android but, the difference is not considerable.

iOS users can still have great gaming experience. There are certain niches, like gambling, that are widely available on both iOS and Android but also desktop operating systems. So users can play something like Gametwist Online just by downloading the app for free, regardless if they have an iOS or Android device.

These games can be quite entertaining and very easy to learn, making them a great option for beginners or casual gamers. They can choose between a lot of slot games, like Book of Ra, Faust, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Sizzling Hot, and many more. Each of these games has different graphics and sounds, telling a different story and giving players variety.

Besides the games they can download from the App Store regularly, Apple also has an exclusive gaming platform called Apple Arcade. This platform uses a subscription-based model and gives users access to over 100 premium games. The games are add-free, available for offline play, and multiple devices, similar to Netflix’s model but for gaming.


When it comes to watching movies and TV series, iOS users have quite a few opportunities at their disposal. You have the two obvious options for content, YouTube, and Netflix. Both of these apps are available for iOS phones and other devices, giving users the ability to watch content like regular Android users.

YouTube also released its own subscription-based streaming service called YouTube TV. It’s similar to cable TV and features over 70 channels that you can access from a wide variety of devices, including iOS smartphones and tablets. The streaming platform is also available for Android gadgets.

However, Apple has its own streaming service, Apple TV+ and it’s mostly available to iOS users. One year of the service comes included with a new Apple device, which makes it advantageous for its users. Apple TV+ is not as great as Netflix but it does include a good number of TV shows and movies. Apple fans are in advantage with this one since the service is unavailable on Windows or Android as of now. However, Apple TV+ has a browser option too.