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Is WCX a Safe Exchange or a Scam?

It is a cryptocurrency leverage trading platform that permits users to form theory with bitcoin on price movements of the traditional financial market. With the variety of markets that are offered by traditional brokers (for example, CMC, Pepper stone, and IG markets), it merges the speed and exchanging experience of crypto trade which means that from a single wallet, various types of the financial market can be traded with the use of 1 asset (BTC).

With bitcoin, everything is quicker and non-expensive, so you don’t need to stress about the fiat deposits. The real-time cryptocurrency is obtained by WCX from exchanges with high liquidity. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit btc pro.

Benefits of trading with WCX
● If you’re willing to earn bitcoin by trading forex, stocks, commodities, and indices, then it is the best option to trade with WCX.
● It only charges a spread fee.
● It offers trading view charts and advanced tools.
● It will help you in trading globally.

WCX Trading Assets

Users can use Bitcoin as collateral to trade a wide range of markets, including foreign exchange (FX), cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. Therefore, if there is no trading opportunity, you don’t have to just be satisfied with trading the cryptocurrency market. You can also switch to traditional financial markets. WCX provides trading of dozens of cryptocurrencies, stocks such as Apple, indexes such as Nasdaq, commodities such as oil and gold, and foreign exchange transactions such as EUR/USD.

WCX Leverage

Leverage permits you to increase purchasing power, thereby increasing profits and losses. WCX permits you to regulate the leverage of each transaction submitted, up to 300 times in some markets. By choosing 1x leverage, you can always choose to trade without leverage.
Bitcoin’s highest leverage is 25 times. The range of leverage for major cryptocurrency pairs is between 5 and 10 times. The traditional assets leverage ratio ranges from 15 to 300 times. Considering the volatility of cryptocurrency, it makes sense to keep a low leverage limit for cryptocurrency pairs.

WCX Fees

When choosing a cryptocurrency trading exchange, exchange fees are an important consideration. It turns out to be more serious when you’re leveraging on bigger position sizes and you’ve to pay fees depending on their sizes.


A deposit or withdrawal fee is not charged by WCX. You have to pay a small amount of bitcoin network fee only when you’re withdrawing bitcoin from an exchange. This withdrawal fee is decided by the blockchain load.

WCX Security

To protect the customer’s funds and private keys from hacking and stealing, WCX provides various safety measures.

Client Security

The trade offers (and suggests) full 2 Factor Authentication to give an extra layer of security by ensuring account access (sign in) and withdrawal tasks. This security makes it exceptionally hard for programmers to take over WCX customer accounts and pull back assets. They would need to know your login data and be in control of your cell phone (and ready to open it).

WCX Wallet

On WCX, most of the user’s private keys and digital assets are kept in cold storage wallets and away from the network. It means that even if the system is hacked, hackers cannot take all the keys and digital assets. No private key is kept on any cloud server which significantly lessens digital dangers, for example, hackers. A little level of assets is kept in hot wallets ensured by industry-leading security. Hot wallets are useful as withdrawals can be processed quickly and in case your assets are stolen then you’ll be insured against the loss.

WCX Demo Trading

WCX demo account provides unlimited, risk-free transactions, and users can trade up to 10 BTC. If you forget your account, don’t worry. You can recharge it while learning to trade cryptocurrencies or traditional markets. You can switch between a real account and a simulated account from the upper left corner of the information canter.