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Is Your Relationship Ruining Your Hockey Career?

Any relationship takes compromise, but how far should you go? When you’ve dedicated your time and effort to be in tiptop shape to take on a sporting career, is your relationship risking it all? There are even one or two common red flags that could sign your relationship is heading for trouble.

A Partner Asks You to Skip Important Training Events

When you are a sportsman intent on competing at a higher level, regular training is of immense importance if only because you’ll perform short duration, high-intensity movements, and low-intensity movements throughout the play. If you’re not physically fit, you won’t be able to perform to your potential, which cuts your chances of making it to the top leagues.

You know you can’t just wing it at the gym, but you need specialized training too. This commitment level can leave you constantly unavailable for your partner and bring resentment into your relationship. One sure sign of developing trouble is being asked to skip training over and over again.

However, if you’re in a relationship with the right person who understands how you need to commit to your hockey, they’ll encourage you. You’ll feel unencumbered and able to concentrate so you can consistently play at your best. With your training and sporting success, a joint priority and a supportive relationship can only benefit your career.

A Partner Pulls You Away from Your Dreams Instead of Pushing You Towards Them

You won’t succeed in hockey and make it to the top if your partner is not supporting you. It might make achieving a work-life balance a little harder and push taking care of some of the more routine matters onto her. Still, in return, you should recognize and demonstrate you value the contribution she is making to keeping your training going. It’s a tricky balance, but working together makes it possible to create and maintain a daily routine that includes training and time for your family.

A partner Always Argues with You about How Hard You’re Working and not Spending Enough Time with Them

Anyone trying to make a competitive hockey career has to put in a lot of work in different ways, not just in training. There’s attending matches, naturally, which sometimes includes traveling out state or even out of the country. You can forget about weekend breaks, and you might have to be out late at night or early in the morning to get your time on the ice.

All this hard work is going to help you beat other athletes competing for the same spot on the team, so being physically exhausted at times is hardly surprising. The last thing you need is to be expending more precious energy on arguments over how you are working too hard and never around, and if you are, it could be time to reconsider the relationship.

A Partner Always Makes You Feel Guilty for Having Your Own Life and Goals

While you should certainly respect your partner’s life goals, the sentiment needs to be reciprocated. If your other half is always nagging at you for ignoring them even when you’re doing your best to make time to be with them, the lingering sense of guilt could be a sign the relationship isn’t right for you.

To be able to focus on becoming exceptional at anything, especially a hockey player, you need peace of mind, not just the skills. It’s impossible to be on your best game when you are angry, irritated, or tense. That said, a partner who continually tells you how smart, awesome, and talented you are, ignites confidence, excitement, passion, and above all, belief in yourself.

Let’s be clear here. It’s not easy to walk away from some relationships. Your bond may be so strong you don’t want to, but no man can have two masters. It is worth considering what you both have to gain by focusing so hard on a short-lived career. In this article, has shown that knowing the difference, and what makes a relationship strong or weak can play a big difference in achieving your goals.