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Top Trends in Custom Web Application Development

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Do you want to become the leader among apps in your niche? Then check out Mobile App Ideas. Boost your sales with a more modern app. You may have noticed that large companies are constantly updating their applications. Why are they doing this? It’s simple – they strive to provide the best experience for their users, taking into account the usability trends. If you think that having updated the application once, you can no longer do this, then you are deeply mistaken. Usability trends are constantly changing, and if your competitors are using the latest innovations, and you are not, then you risk losing customers soon. There are certain web development trends to be taken into consideration.

Importance of Web Development

A mobile application will only be effective if it is able to retain visitors. How can we achieve this? The best way is to show everything on the home page, and when the user first visits, you have a chance to grab their attention for a long time. Modern custom web app development company will always take into consideration all the nuances.

Progressive web applications

Progressive Web Apps combine the ease of use of websites with the technical capabilities of native apps. There are three targets that a PWA must achieve: fast, reliable, and engaging. Externally, PWAs are similar to regular native applications, and they also work even without the Internet. Regular mobile sites often feel awkward – but progressive web apps are designed precisely to improve the user experience. Such web pages work in the same simple and straightforward manner in all browsers.

PWA is a great user experience because of such factors:

  • Speed. The PWA site is much faster – also due to caching.
  • Possibility of installation. PWAs can be added to the home screen and / or Google Play, just like a native app.
  • Reliability. Users do not trust slow, inconvenient sites, and even more so they will not pay for a product or service through a site with an unsuccessful interface. PWA, on the other hand, inspires confidence in the speed of work and the quality of the “wrapper”.
  • Involvement. We are talking about new browser APIs (Application Programming Interface, or application programming interfaces). With their help, you can create functionality that was not previously available on mobile sites.

Content personalization through machine learning

Specialists of swift development company are ready to increase the popularity of the application. Users like it when their actions are taken into account and responded to. For example, you are chatting with a specific person more often than others, and you expect the application to display their name as the intended recipient as you type your message. If you use a news viewer and tend to read about technology and politics, then expect more news in these categories. This trend is rather important in custom website development.

Data security

Safety is paramount. The first step to ensuring security is the correct configuration of all system components, updating all software in use to the latest versions, disabling all unused services, changing all default passwords, disabling unused accounts, including system accounts. It is also important to ensure data encryption of all network connections within the system. If the web application allows it, it is necessary to configure the differentiation of user access rights to data and system settings, limiting them to the minimum necessary. In simple cases, only the listed basic measures will reduce the risks to an acceptable level. If the basic measures are not enough, you need to pay attention to a variety of specialized information security tools.


When downloading applications, there is often a problem with free space in the phone memory. Then you have to choose whether to delete some data or refuse to download. Instant Apps allow you to quickly understand whether you need to download them, and provide access to a stripped-down version of the application: only the section that the user needs at a particular moment opens. Plus, Instant Apps are smaller in size, which speeds up page load times and reduces bounce rates.