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‘Jeopardy’ Contestant References Cliff Clavin from ‘Cheers’ in Her Final Jeopardy Response

During the Final Jeopardy round of the Apr. 27, 2018 episode of syndicated game show “Jeopardy!“, contestant Carolyn Walsh — a software engineer from Brooklyn, N.Y. — could not successfully defend her one-day reign as champion as she incorrectly responded to the clue in the category of Legendary People, “Leodegrance, king of Cameliard, gave the newlyweds a piece of furniture on the marriage of this daughter.”

The correct response was “Who was Guinevere?” but Walsh wrote “Who was someone who has never been in my kitchen?” Take a look:

Walsh’s response harkens back to an episode of the classic sitcom “Cheers” (from its eighth season in 1990) where mailman Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) performed extraordinarily well on “Jeopardy!” until the Final Jeopardy round where he replied “Who are 3 people who’ve never been in my kitchen?” and had wagered (and therefore, lost) all of his earnings.