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‘Jeopardy!’ Game Ends in Rare Tiebreaker

On yesterday’s edition of syndicated game show “Jeopardy!“, it all came down to the Final Jeopardy round that featured a clue about European Islands.

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All three contestants gave incorrect responses but it was Sarah Norris — a technical writer and manager from Minneapolis, MN — and Laura McLean — a data analyst from Nashville, TN and the defending 1-day Jeopardy! champion — who each concluded the game with a rare tie score of $6,799. It was the very first tie game to occur since the show updated its tiebreaker rules — where no game can conclude in a non-zero tie — back in November 2014.

Host Alex Trebek asked a tiebreaker question where McLean ultimately buzzed in and answered correctly to continue her run as champion.

View the Final Jeopardy round in its entirety:

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