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Jeremy Thomas Performs in Indonesian BK8 Ads

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Poker and casinos are increasingly popular in the millennium thanks to internet and television coverage. Today there are many casinos to choose from and many of them run TV commercials as part of their brand awareness. Some even hired celebrities to star in the superiority of the products they had.

Knowing that their support is very valuable, most celebrities will fight for whatever it is with their own appeal in the midst of marketing betting products, including gambling operators. Thanks to their involvement in the promotion board, it can be said that this can increase company sales by around 4%.

It is said, unlike before, when real money games exclusively took place in place of glamorous places, today, these activities have now migrated to the internet. So, if you are looking for an online bookie in Indonesia, we highly recommend that you check top iGaming reviews like BK8. Only register on verified platforms that have the appropriate game license.

Given that celebrity support works so well, we should ask – why? Does seeing a familiar face make a product stand out? Are we more inclined to remember advertisements that feature celebrities, or unconsciously we associate them with high-quality advertisements? Do we feel we can trust these people because we believe that we know them? According to psychologists and marketing experts, the answer is all of the above statements.

Good ad

Celebrities have one thing in common with large gambling companies. They both struggle to succeed. Thanks to their popularity and fame, stars are usually followed by thousands, even millions of fans around the world. This makes them a target for famous gambling brands.

Some of the most popular gambling companies in the world offer millions of sponsorship offers to celebrities who want to advertise them. Famous soccer stars or reporters and television presenters are all participants in this high-paying campaign.

With mobile betting sites like BK8 Indonesia claiming that they are one of the first and largest Bitcoin casinos as -Asia, they need to recruit celebrities to maintain or improve their position in the industry today. Such world-renowned ambassadors even participated in several tournaments in popular casino spaces. BK8 even signed the 90-an legend artist, Jeremy Thomas as one of his ambassadors. Mega Star is known as the most successful actor in Indonesia’s pertelevisian history.

BK8 Indonesia Presents Handsome Actor Jeremy Thomas As Its Brand Star

BK8 Indonesia announced its brand association with the naming actor, Jeremy Thomas, to be the face of his latest advertising campaign, which would electrify the world of betting in a beloved country. The actor, known for his strong masculine role, brought his charisma along with his game playing skills to the new brand campaign – recently. Regarding this, Jeremy will prominently be targeted as a promoter to all betting connoisseurs and will be displayed on various digital platforms.

The 52-year-old man who often appeared on various television shows and soap operas, no doubt his appearance, he was very famous and was judged by fans especially the Eve, so that the magnet becomes a strong reference to make itself a star of the brand But whatever the bushes, this man from Riau always takes himself to invest short-term with BK8 casino entertainment.

And Jeremy is not just a celebrity player – he is also an active member of the BK8 Indonesia community. He has a sincere love of the game and shares his vision with online game gambling players here. The flattened soap opera actor has sat shoulder to shoulder to shoulder with the game giants, confusing them with warm chatter and creative play. We are happy to welcome Jeremy Thomas to the team and prepare – be ready for the next world class talk!

Other Warm Greetings

If you often play in BK8 Indonesia, you can expect to receive cash deductions and profitable refill bonuses on a regular basis. In addition, players who choose crypto currency as a method of funding game accounts are also entitled to get additional bonuses for each deposit they make. If you place a bet every day, a very good bonus awaits you at the end of the week. In addition, you can also enjoy a rebate rate increase throughout your birthday. This casino even offers a separate bonus for Baccarat admirers. If a player wins the game in a row – in a row, then they will immediately receive a cash prize without a long time.

Of course, a gaming platform of that size has launched its own loyalty program consisting of five levels. From bronze to diamond status. After reaching the highest level, a fantastic set of new opportunities will open before you, including individual bonuses, personal managers, and accelerated payment processes. We only list the main types of offers that can be found in BK8 Indonesia. 

The complete list of all offers is much broader, and is refilled with new interesting promotions literally every day, so we advise all visitors who are interested in getting to know the site and seeing – see the various neat bonuses offered only on the trusted BK8 Indonesian gambling site.

Future Views of BK8 Indonesia

The partnership trend of the Indonesian online gambling industry ambassador BK8 shows no sign of – signs of abating. We hope to see this trend continuously volatile and soon move from brands that align with single male ambassadors to create a ‘Team’ partnership’ with many ambassadors and also involving the name – big name of popular female figures for the next company campaign period.