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Jim Henson’s ‘Fraggle Rock’ Returns to HBO

Now Featured in HD, the Classic Jim Henson Series Tackled Serious Issues

HBO, now home to “Sesame Street,” is adding another kids’ classic to its library: “Fraggle Rock.” Originally telecast on HBO in 1983, “Fraggle Rock” was described by series creator Jim Henson as “a high-energy, raucous musical romp.” While the program proved accessible to audiences of all ages, it used the fantasy creatures as an allegory to deal with serious issues like prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, the environment, and social conflict.

The 96-episodes of “Fraggle Rock,” which will soon be available in a digitally remastered format, follows the fun adventures of the furry subterranean creatures and features a unique mix of music from all genres including folk, blues, gospel, country and rock, all while embracing themes of friendship, tolerance, diversity, and caring for the planet. It is unclear whether the series will air on HBO’s broadcast channels or will be available for streaming via HBO Go and HBO Now.