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Join the Sea Eagle Safari in Svolvær and Unwind in our Nearby Glamping Cabins

Ever thought of watching majestic sea eagles swooping down to snatch fish from crystal clear waters, all while you’re comfortably nestled in the luxurious embrace of nature? Welcome to a unique adventure that combines the thrill of a sea eagle safari in Svolvær with the serenity of our nearby WonderInn glamping cabins.

In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey that marries wildlife exploration with luxe comfort. We’ll introduce you to the awe-inspiring sea eagle safaris, describe our luxurious glamping accommodation, share the best times to visit, and provide useful tips to make your adventure truly unforgettable. So let’s set sail into this thrilling and rejuvenating experience.

The Majestic Sea Eagles of Svolvær

The sea eagles of Svolvær are nature’s true spectacle. With their mighty wingspan, piercing eyes, and incredible hunting prowess, they reign supreme in the coastal skies of Norway. As the world’s largest species of eagle, they command awe and respect.

Svolvær, a picturesque fishing village in the Lofoten Islands, serves as a grand stage for these aerial acrobats. With its abundant marine life and stunning fjord scenery, it’s no wonder that these eagles call it home.

The region’s rich ecosystem supports a large population of these birds, making Svolvær a prime location for sea eagle safaris. Here, you don’t just witness the eagles; you observe their lifestyle, habits, and the significant role they play in the region’s biodiversity. It’s a wildlife experience that remains etched in your memory forever.


The Thrills of the Sea Eagle Safari

Imagine stepping onto a safari boat, your heart filled with anticipation, the salty sea breeze teasing your senses. As the boat cuts through the glassy waters, Svolvær’s majestic mountains form a breathtaking backdrop. This is the beginning of the sea eagle safari.

The experienced local guides navigate through the fjords and bird-rich areas, their eyes trained to spot the majestic creatures. Their passion and deep understanding of the sea eagles’ behavior heighten your experience, transforming it from a mere sightseeing trip to an immersive learning adventure.

The highlight comes when a sea eagle soars high, circles the area, and then swoops down to grab a fish just meters from your boat. The power, the precision, the sheer spectacle – it’s a sight that stirs your soul.

From start to finish, the sea eagle safari is a thrill-seeker’s and nature lover’s dream come true. With each passing moment, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of these magnificent creatures and their beautiful home in Svolvær.


Glamping: The Perfect Way to Unwind After the Safari

After a thrilling day of sea eagle safari, imagine coming back to the warm embrace of a luxury mirrored glass cabin. Glamping, or glamorous camping, combines the immersion in nature with modern comforts, making it a popular choice for nature enthusiasts who prefer a touch of luxury.

Our WonderInn glamping cabins near Svolvær offer an unparalleled blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. Picture yourself relaxing on a plush bed, sipping a hot beverage, and reminiscing about the day’s adventures. The cabins provide a tranquil haven to rest, recharge, and relish the beauty of the Norwegian outdoors.

But the connection between the safari and the glamping experience goes beyond just providing a place to sleep. It’s about cherishing the serenity after a day of adventure, about sitting under the stars, and about waking up to the sounds of nature. The sea eagle safari engages your spirit, and our glamping cabins soothe your soul, together offering an unforgettable Norwegian adventure.

Your Home Away From Home: The Glamping Cabins

Our WonderInn glamping cabins are a haven of tranquility nestled in nature, located conveniently close to Svolvær. After an adventurous day of the sea eagle safari, you’ll find these cabins to be your home away from home.

Each cabin is tastefully designed, combining natural materials with modern aesthetics to reflect the serenity of the surrounding landscape. Amenities such as cozy beds, well-equipped kitchens, private bathrooms, and heating systems ensure a comfortable stay no matter the season.

But what sets our glamping cabins apart are their unique features that amplify the natural experience. Imagine viewing the night sky through a glass ceiling from the comfort of your bed, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the deck overlooking stunning vistas.

The transition from safari thrill to peaceful relaxation is seamless with our glamping cabins. The adrenaline rush from the day’s adventure gives way to an evening of relaxation and comfort, offering the perfect balance for your Norwegian getaway.

Activities at the Glamping Site

The fun doesn’t stop when the safari ends. Our glamping site offers a range of activities designed to let you explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. For the outdoor enthusiasts, hiking trails nearby offer stunning vistas and tranquil landscapes. If you prefer water activities, fishing or if you’re seeking a more intimate water adventure, consider trying out the two-person kayak,

As the sun sets, gather around the communal fire pit, where you can share stories, roast marshmallows, or simply enjoy the mesmerizing dance of the flames under the starlit sky. If you’re lucky, you may even witness the spectacle of the Northern Lights!

Our previous guests often describe their stay as ‘truly magical’. Emily from the UK says, “The blend of thrilling safari, calming nature walks, and relaxing by the fire made our stay a perfectly balanced experience. It’s an adventure we’ll never forget!” And Tom from Germany shares, “It’s not just a trip, it’s a comprehensive experience that connects you to nature and leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. A must-do!”

Preparing for Your Sea Eagle Safari and Glamping Experience

Packing and preparing adequately will ensure your sea eagle safari and glamping experience is both enjoyable and comfortable. For the safari, consider warm, windproof clothing as the weather on the sea can be chilly even in the summer. Waterproof gear is also recommended. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars to get the best views of the sea eagles!

For the glamping part of your adventure, bring comfortable clothing for relaxing and for any activities you plan to do, such as hiking or fishing. We provide all bedding, but a good book and your favorite snacks might make your stay even more enjoyable.

In terms of health and safety, sea-sickness can be a concern for some on the sea eagle safari. If you’re prone to it, consider bringing seasickness medication. Rest assured, our guides are trained in first aid and safety procedures to ensure your experience is as safe as possible. We are committed to providing a memorable yet secure adventure for all our guests.

Embracing Sustainability in Tourism

At WonderInn, we prioritize sustainability in all our ventures. This commitment extends to both our sea eagle safari and our glamping cabins.

In our sea eagle safaris, we adhere to strict guidelines designed to minimize disturbance to the wildlife. We maintain safe distances when observing the majestic sea eagles and other marine life, ensuring that their natural behavior is not disrupted. Our guides are trained in eco-friendly practices and are dedicated to educating visitors about the importance of conservation.

Our glamping cabins are also designed with sustainability in mind. They’re built with eco-friendly materials and utilize green technologies such as solar power and water-saving features. We also encourage our guests to follow sustainable practices during their stay, such as recycling and minimizing waste.

We believe that embracing eco-tourism not only contributes to preserving local wildlife and the environment but also enhances the overall visitor experience. By choosing sustainable tourism, you’re playing a part in protecting the natural beauty of Svolvær for future generations.


Combining Svolvær’s thrilling sea eagle safari with the relaxation of our luxurious glamping cabins offers an unparalleled adventure. It’s a chance to engage with nature and local wildlife, while enjoying home-like comfort amidst Norway’s stunning landscape. Join us at WonderInn for an unforgettable experience and create lasting memories in the heart of Norwegian wilderness.