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Jon Mac Review and a Brief About His Course

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Technology is so diversified and widespread that we have ample opportunities to dive in. One such field is eCommerce, with excellent scope in the present day. That is an alarming scenario, for we have to deal with various competitors to reach the top. If you are worried about your eCommerce store, kudos! Jon Mac Review is what exactly you’ll be needing right now. 

Jon Mac Review 

I’ve come across various eCommerce and online business products in the past. But this Jon Mac Review is special in every possible way. I was as skeptical as any of you in trying different products from Jon, including his store formula. Surprisingly, Jon fails to be among several other similar people boasting a lot about their products. Jon focuses more on his work and students rather than these false claims and unnecessary promotions. 

For that matter, Jon is a speaker, influencer, author, and mentor working with budding entrepreneurs to build their eCommerce ventures. Jon provides different products to succeed in the eCommerce field. Every product from him is affordable and crucial for your road to success, out of which the Store Formula is a valuable gem in the present day. It helps numerous people fulfill their dreams. Have a look. 

Store Formula 

Jon claims that his store formula helps everyone enrolling for it in establishing their eCommerce store successfully. This course teaches everything needed to build your own eCommerce website from scratch. Jon provides his Commerce HQ platform to his students for creating their stores. This platform stands as a tough competitor to the Shopify platform and is co-founded by Jon Mac. 

Dropshipping is the main focus of this course from Jon. Here, he teaches his students about everything they’ll need to begin their online store. The online classes last for around ten hours total, divided into four weeks along with a bonus session. Students of the Store Formula can have the access to videos with Ultra High-Definition quality, webinars, mp3 recordings, questionnaires, etc. Here is a gist of the course in this Jon Mac Review

Aim of the Course: 

As mentioned above, Jon claims that the winning formula discussed in this course guides the students to build their online stores and run them successfully. Moreover, the course also teaches effective techniques like drop shipping, etc., to gather all the relevant information and target audience for your business. Jon provides a detailed transcript for every lesson taken so that no student fails to achieve their dreams. 

Who is the course meant for? 

The best thing about this course for me is its flexibility. In fact, this was one reason why I wanted to write the Jon Mac Review in the first place. The Store Formula from Jon is not restricted to anyone. You can enroll in the course irrespective of your background and interest. There is no such thing here like eCommerce students benefit the most and the others don’t. Jon made sure that every student, be it from any background, understand every bit of his Store Formula and build their store. Moreover, the course is carefully curated to encourage everyone and give them all the confidence they need before setting off with their journey. 

Breakdown of the Course: 

Jon divides the entire course into different modules taught within four weeks. The Store Formula commences with a welcome video and takes you through. Here is the course breakdown part of Jon Mac Review


Video Length – 8 minutes and 58 seconds 

It is an introduction to the entire course ahead. Your tutor, Jon Mac, introduces himself and takes you through the Store Formula. He talks about what is in store from the course and delineates what the students can expect from it. 

Week 1 – 10 Modules 

Videos Length – 2 hours and 37 minutes 

In the first week, Jon prepares your mind in the right way to fulfill your eCommerce dream. After all, you cannot succeed if you don’t have the zeal, right? As the modules proceed further, he teaches his valuable formula combining the Current Plan, Daily Execution, and Time. Jon teaches the efficient ways of putting these together to achieve your Dream Life. 

Week 2 – 14 Modules 

Videos Length – 2 hours and 17 minutes 

Jon often suggests that a single product, when chosen accordingly, can fetch you a 6-figure income. So, this week focuses on finding the target product suitable for your business. Jon teaches various techniques to analyze Facebook ads, algorithms, etc., to find a product based on Facebook feeds. You’ll also learn about pricing methods and profit margins in this week itself. 

Week 3 – 11 Modules 

Videos Length – 1 hour and 55 minutes 

This week deals with analyzing Facebook ads and using them in the right way. Jon teaches various techniques to help create a decent ad campaign for your product and run it effectively. The depth discussed in these modules of Week 3 is what makes Store Formula the best among its competitors. 

Week 4 – 11 Modules 

Videos Length – 1 hour and 29 minutes 

In the last week of the Store Formula course, Jon emphasizes the need of hiring the right team to improve your business. He discusses various techniques to hire appropriate and efficient teams to do the tasks for you. So, the last week’s deals about building your team to sustain itself in the business world. 

Final Verdict 

Now for the final part of my Jon Mac Review. Is the Store Formula worth it? Well, I’d say yes. Jon is indeed excellent in delineating the concepts. His tricks are pre-worked by him and his friends too. Moreover, Jon is a man who’s pretty confident at what he says and does. So, you can expect a genuine and reasonable course at considerable pricing. There is also a bonus session from the course, through which you can discuss anything related to the course. Jon is quite entertaining and gives valuable insights into the eCommerce field. His oration makes the course fun throughout and gives you the right advice needed for your online store.