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Jonathan Diaz’s View Of The Importance Of Lead Nurturing

The lead nurturing process involves the development and reinforcement of relationships with purchasers at all stages of a company’s sales funnel. In order to be successful, a lead nurturing program must focus its communication and marketing efforts on listening to prospects’ needs.

It must give them the answers and information they require to increase awareness of the brand, build up trust, and maintain a strong connection until they’re ready to convert into paying customers.

Although all of this may sound obvious and relatively simple, in fact nothing could be further from the truth. With so much else to focus on, companies today often find that lead nurturing gets pushed onto the back burner, and this can have a direct and negative impact on company growth.

Jonathan Diaz, a young entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about lead nurturing, believes that the importance of nurturing leads is often underestimated by organizations today. Yet he is keen to point out that simply creating relationships with prospects isn’t enough – maintaining those relationships is equally, if not more important.

This is why he established his company, Rocket Dyno, as an effective solution to simplify the process of generating and nurturing leads and making the process more affordable for companies.

Which Problems Can Lead Nurturing Solve?

Lead generation is one thing, but lead nurturing is something else, and it’s something that is vital for building up brand loyalty and converting prospects into customers. Some of the problems that companies face can be solved by putting in place an effective lead nurturing strategy.

For example, dormant leads are an ongoing issue for many companies. Following up regularly on those leads and maintaining contact in the long-term can help to resolve this problem, ensuring that the relationship is maintained over time, continually building up trust and brand loyalty.

Nurturing leads can also help in cases of long sales cycles.

“Purchasers today take longer to explore all the options and to do their research before they make their purchasing decision.” Diaz says. “This is why sales cycles are longer. However, that doesn’t mean that companies should give up on those leads. Nurturing them in the long-term gives those leads the opportunity to find out what they need to do and realize that the company’s product or service is the right one for them. The consistent and ongoing approach is key to eventually converting those leads into buyers.”

Returns On Investment

Diaz points out that lead nurturing is essential for conversions and also for maximizing profits.

“Nurturing leads will inevitably result in more sales”, he says. “Companies which use lead nurturing strategies can generate as many as 50% more leads that are sales-ready at over 30% lower cost.”

Even better, lead nurturing can sometimes motivate a larger purchase. Evidence has shown that nurtured leads have been known to make almost 50% bigger purchases than leads which haven’t been nurtured.

“Nurturing leads motivates them to buy, it’s as simple as that.” Diaz states. “70% of all marketing leads will never convert into buyers, and a lack of nurturing is often the cause of poor performance in this regard.”

How Does Rocket Dyno Help?

In order to help companies to not only generate leads but actually nurture them in the long term, Jonathan Diaz set up Rocket Dyno – an organization which offers a real human lead nurturing service on behalf of all types of company.

“We can handle all lead generation, prospecting and nurturing needs.” Diaz says. “That means that companies can put all their focus on the most important thing to them – closing deals!”

He achieves this aim by supplying companies with a full team of professionals to take full control of their lead generation and nurturing strategy on their behalf. For the price of just one employee, Rocket Dyno supplies a project manager, ad manager, copywriter, graphic designer and appointment setter so that companies can benefit from a fully comprehensive approach.

Saving organizations time and effort, Rocket Dyno takes on all of the challenges and stresses of getting prospects into and through the sales funnel so that businesses don’t have to.

“We don’t just generate leads for our clients.” Diaz says. “Lead generation is part of the service we offer, but we also believe firmly in the importance of lead nurturing. That’s why we don’t just stop working once the leads have been acquired and contacted. We continue to follow up with them for as long as six months after their initial interaction for maximum effectiveness.”

It seems that Diaz’s strategy is paying off, and the companies that have used Rocket Dyno’s service have been impressed by the results. In just six months since launching the company, Rocket Dyno has scaled over 300K ARR and has already worked with some big-name companies like Farmers Insurance.

It looks like Rocket Dyno’s service could be the way of the future for businesses that are looking for a more cost-effective and less labor-intensive way to nurture their leads.