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Karaoke Mic That Makes You Feel Like a Star

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There is nothing quite like singing karaoke and feeling like a star. The singing karaoke microphone has been an integral part of the singing experience for years, and it’s time to pick one up for yourself! This article will discuss why you should get a singing karaoke microphone and how to choose the best microphone that fits your needs.

What is a Karaoke Microphone and how does it work

A Karaoke microphone combines the function of a dynamic microphone and a loudspeaker. It is typically used in karaoke machines because it has an incredibly simple design which doesn’t feature any fragile parts such as transistors.

A conventional microphone will work for someone who wants to simply sing their favorite tunes or chat with friends over Skype, but if they want to sing along to karaoke tracks, then the larger power must be handled by a more suitable interface.

Tips for using your Karaoke microphone to sing like a pro

  1. Sing with your diaphragm, so that the microphone is pointed down to pick up the vibrations. This way, you can avoid sounding tinny or nasal.
  2. When performing in a group, it often helps to match your singing volume with your fellow singers rather than just sing louder or softer yourself-otherwise one singer’s voice will overpower the rest of the song even if every note is sung at the exact same level of intensity as everyone else.
  3. Be careful not to over-emphasize punctuated moments in songs which are slightly less intense vocally- this make it sound like you’re shouting lyrics across a stadium parking lot due to an echo effect on stage microphones.

The best brands of microphones for karaoke

Fenton DM120 Dynamic Karaoke Microphone Pack

The Fenton DM120 Dynamic Karaoke Microphone Pack is designed for professionals and hobbyists alike. This pack includes three high quality microphones that work flawlessly with the stand, cables, mixer console, 6′ speaker cord and interface cable; enough equipment to get up to 15 people (with an access to auxiliary input) singing along in no time. It’s perfect for both karaoke enthusiasts or professional vocalists. 

Behringer ULM300 USB Digital Handheld Microphone

Behringer ULM300 USB Digital Handheld Microphone is the microphone suitable for karaoke that has great reviews and a decent price. The frequency response goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with clear articulation. A condenser capsule (1) produces high-quality recordings even when used at close distances (and in noisy environments or windy conditions). There’s no need for an external mixer or preamplifier because it works with any computer that supports USB connection; there’s no additional software needed, too! 

MAX KM01G – Gold Karaoke Microphone with built-in Speakers BT/MP3

The MAX KM01G is a Gold Karaoke Microphone with built-in speakers, designed to deliver crystal clear sound. It has two ultrasound ultra-big diaphragm condenser microphones that are surrounded by best gold. The MAX KM1G is made of durable material for wear and tear in the entertainment industry, making it long lasting. This mic’s 2 output options are either voltage or 3.5mm jack which you can connect to any music player including computers, phones, iPads and more!

Vonyx HH12 Handheld Wireless Microphone

The Vonyx HH12 is a handy and versatile tool for any vocalist or performer that wants to achieve the best possible sound. The beauty of the HH12 chromatic microphone is its simplicity and affordability, as it can be used with virtually any type of electronic amplifier (tube or solid state) without distortion problems. It’s compact size also makes it convenient to transport between locations.

Fenton KMD55B Karaoke Microphone with RGB Lighting Black

The Fenton KMD55B Karaoke Microphone is a high quality microphone that, thanks to its huge color display and built-in effects, offers an immersive experience. This microphone also offers many different options for sound control including graphic equalizer, bass boost, echo adjustments and so much more. The best part about this microphone is that it projects the red light out the top to provide lighting for everyone you are performing in front of.