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Keep Your Open Closet Neat and Tidy

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When it comes to the importance of bedroom furniture, a closet is only second to the bed. It’s why many homeowners pay extra attention when choosing a wardrobe’s design. A wrong choice could ruin the entire space’s outlook, given the conspicuous nature of these pieces. 

However, form is always second to function. The closet type you choose must first serve its intended function: providing a space for organizing clothes, footwear, and accessories. Open closets are gaining popularity because they are beautiful and functional.

Here are the benefits of an open closet design.

Aesthetic Appeal

The most significant benefit of an open closet design is its aesthetic appeal. If you have bright-coloured outfits that complement your bedroom’s décor, an open design ensures they’re visible. As a result, you won’t need other decorations like flowers and artwork. 


If walk-in wardrobes were cheap, every person would install them. They offer unmatched convenience, as you can quickly access your desired outfit without wasting time. On the other hand, most standard closets often have you spending a lot of time looking for what to wear.

Open closets are less posh than walk-in wardrobes, but they offer similar convenience. You can quickly grab a jacket, a shirt or jeans because you see it. Such amenities ensure you’re always on time for work and other crucial appointments. 


Open wardrobes are ideal if you love a minimalist decorating style. Minimalism emphasises simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral colour palette. It focuses on functionality and openness, key features of open closets.

Besides eye-catching beauty, minimalism increases storage space. The clean lines and openness let you see the items in your closet. You’ll easily spot your favorites, clothes that no longer fit, and irreparable articles. Being on top of your wardrobe contents reduces the chance of cluttering, as you’ll throw out redundant and unusable pieces whenever you see them.

Additionally, minimalist designs allow maximum natural lighting. Since neutral colours are usually shiny, they reflect the light, creating an illusion of space and reducing reliance on artificial lighting.

Easy to Clean and Organize

Many people don’t like household chores. If you’re among them, you should consider getting an open closet. They’re easy to clean due to their simple design. You only need to wipe the cabinets and vacuum the hard-to-reach areas like corners and joints. 

Organizing clothes is much easier in an open closet than in a closed wardrobe. Since everything is within sight and reach, you can quickly spot anything amiss and correct it. 

Some people like stashing dirty clothes in closed wardrobes to keep them out of sight. This habit reduces your clothes’ lifespan and encourages dirt to build up. Conversely, open closets expose your outfits, discouraging you from leaving them dirty and disorganizsed. Keeping your open closet neat results in a cleaner, liveable house. 


Some people are prone to impulse buying clothes, which affects their budget. An open closet can help you curb this wasteful behaviour.

Most impulsive buyers purchase unnecessary items because they don’t know they already have them. An open closet allows you to see your inventory, preventing needless purchases. Over time, it improves self-control and boosts your financial health. 

Wrapping Up

Open closet designs started as an improvisation by people living in tiny apartments. Their simplicity made them a practical choice for small rooms. They have since become a full-blown trend, with every homeowner wanting to integrate them into their décor. 

The main advantages of open closets are aesthetical appeal, minimalism, conveniences, and ease of cleaning and organisation. Impulsive buyers can also learn self-control by investing in this furniture.