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Keeping a Positive Outlook During the Coronavirus Threat

Focus to the Future and Plan Ahead

Given the state of the world at present, fear is in the air and uncertainty looms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As millions of people around the world enter isolation to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, we must, as a global community, work together to control, and ultimately defeat, this dreaded disease. And experts are offering a number of suggestions on how to maintain a positive attitude in a situation this alarming.

Limit Your Time Spent Watching the News

While knowledge is power, spending too much time focused on the current situation can make it seem more dire. Instead, limit your time consuming the current events, and find things to do that will take your mind off it.

Watch something positive on television…this era of “Peak TV” across the linear broadcasters and digital streamers offers endless opportunities. Download a movie. Watch a DVD. Listen to some enjoyable music. Call a friend or family member. Take a walk. Exercise at home. Read a book. There are countless things you can do.

Stop Following the Stock Market

In times like this the market is plunging, leading you to wonder, perhaps, how you will survive financially. But what is down will eventually come up. Remember the financial crisis in 2008?

Ultimately, we survived…and eventually thrived…after that downturn. And, while a reverse economically will not happen overnight, in time we will likely rebound.

Remember Your Loved Ones

Did you know that Mother’s Day – May 10th this year – is not that far off? Plan ahead for the ultimate celebration with your Mom, in person or virtually, and make her day special. Tell her you love her. Tell her how much she means to you. And treat her with some unique Mother’s Day gifts as part of the celebration.

Online shopping, of course, is nothing new. Its growing in leaps and bounds in this digital world and the ease of ordering…and quick delivery…makes your job all that much easier. So, how about some chocolates or some “Eternity” roses for your mother? Maybe a piece of jewelry? Or, perhaps, some beauty items, a book, a CD? Does Mom like to cook? How about something for the kitchen, or a personalized message, or some wines and spirits? The choices are endless. And the smile on your Mom’s face will make all the difference!

Focus on Your Home

Remember all those things you have been meaning to get done around the house? Cleaning out the attic, painting a room, rearranging the furniture, spring cleaning…and so many other things? Now is the time to do it. Make your home a showcase, one you will be proud to share with others after this temporary situation is over. And if you’re looking to do a major revamp of your home, do consider converting it into a loft; especially with the help of Visionary Lofts!

Take a Break…or Two…Each Day

Stress is never a good ingredient at a time like this. So, stop each day for a cup of coffee or a snack and some “me” time. Maybe even take a catnap or catch up with something you have been wanting to do. Come on now…when was the last time you did that?

Sit Down and Have a Conversation

Instead of texting, tweeting or any of the social media things that have become a pattern every day, how about reverting to those simpler days from yesteryear when you sat down and had a nice long conversation with a loved one? Get reacquainted and reconnected. Heck…you even play a game of cards, Monopoly or anything you have from those good old days!

Spring is Here!

Each year, there is nothing more enjoyable to see the sun come up and fell the feel the warm air arrive. And this year is no exception. How about doing some gardening to get the house ready or taking the patio furniture out of storage for the new season?

Plan Ahead

Mark your calendars…Father’s Day is on June 21. July 4th is always a grand celebration. Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Grandparents Day on September 13. And, before you know it Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas will be here. Time flies! And, yes…there is much to look forward to!