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Key Features of  HR Software

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HR software is indeed a guardian angel for the HR department. This software not only helps in improving the workflow of the company but also helps in the effective evaluation of the employees. An HR platform can help thousands of businesses, from startups to large enterprises build a high performance culture. More specifically, you can find the best options at Canadian HR software

Best HR Software for Canadian Companies

Here are a few key features that almost every HR software possesses. 

Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a very important aspect of the working of any company. A good recruitment process provides a company with loyal employees who will stick with the company till the very end. HR software has an efficient recruiting management system that will systematically sort applications to find the best employees for them. 

This software will also formulate an automated recruitment process that is easy to access both for you and your applicants. Your HR software will also create customized forms for the process for easy documentation. Moreover, the HR software is also equipped with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Helps in Onboarding Process

Onboarding is an essential step in any recruitment process. HR software will help you conduct this process with ease. It helps new employees understand the working of the company using its modules. HR software offers them any information that they want to seek in a new organization. 

This software also helps the company to assign small tasks to newcomers and allows companies to keep track of their work. 

Manages Company Records

An efficient HR software keeps track of all the employees in the company. The HR department needs to update these records after every recruitment, and it can prove to be a very hectic task. Therefore, to manage these records effectively and fill in information such as bank records, payment timelines, the p

HR software such as Lanteria not only updates records with ease but also adds new records to the list automatically.  

Manages Payroll

At the end of each month, the HR department needs to dispense salaries to its employees. However, this process is not as simple as it looks, the HR has to maintain records of tax and other charges too. 

Moreover, efficient software also aids in the allotment of bonuses to the employees. Apart from this, if there is any deduction or increment in salary, due to any reason, the HR software will make a note of it and pay accordingly. 

Declutters Repetitive Works

Most of the time, your HR department will have to do the same tasks over and over again. However, if you have HR software, you can easily customize it to do your repetitive tasks for HR. This software can also collect feedback after a meeting, reducing the workload of HR. 

This saved time can be used by HR for effective administration, increasing the productivity and workflow of your company.

Tracks Progress and Leaves

Another important work of HR is to manage the progress reports of employees. HR software can be employed to do this task for HR. This software can easily assess work reports and provide you a progress report of any employee. This report will help HR evaluate the candidates better and find suitable roles for them. 

Furthermore, the software package offers the added advantage of comprehensive leave tracking and precise attendance record-keeping for employees, facilitating enhanced efficiency evaluation by HR professionals. The holiday leaves software package offers numerous benefits, smooth vacation management, efficient leave tracking, accurate attendance record-keeping, and enhanced evaluation of employee efficiency.

Provides Timely Training

Along with all these amazing features, HR software also provides employees with timely updates on the latest courses and training workshops based on their performance in the company. 

These updates improve the efficiency of employees and keep them posted about the latest developments in their field. 

Take the time to look for the best software that meets your organizational HR objectives.