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King Kong and Tomb Raider Anime Series to Debut Soon On Netflix

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Netflix is an over-the-top American production company and content platform founded in 1997. The company provides movie and series fans an unlimited number of exemplary content characterized by high-quality videos. 

As a way to expand its already lengthy portfolio, Netflix will be adding two peculiar contents in its library. That is the anime series of Tomb Raider and King Kong Skull Island. The streaming giant announced that they would be teaming up with Legendary Television to continue Lara Croft’s story and the story of King Kong with a pair of anime TV series. The new chapter of the Monsterverse will be written by Netflix and Brian Duffield, who produced Underwater, a 2020 horror action film.

The storyline will include a magnitude of characters who end up in a shipwreck while trying to flee from the most unsafe place on the planet, only to end up on an unknown island home to Kong, the iconic primate. According to sources, the characters will have only one task; to fight for their survival in the monstrous world Ruled by King Kong.

The Legacy of King Kong and Tomb Raider Films

Tomb Raider and King Kong are both successful franchises that have influenced different industries. For instance, Tomb Raider has a wide range of video games and a feature film starring Alicia Vikander produced in 2018. 

On the other hand, King Kong’s success is highlighted by its recent appearance in the Godzilla vs. Kong film. Additionally, Kong’s Character spans different mediums, including appearing in King Kong Fury, a game developed by NextGen Gaming that online casinos in the USA, such as Golden Nugget, have in their gaming library. Such milestones are why Netflix has decided to continue the stories of the franchise in an unexpected format.

What Should Fans Expect

Even though Netflix has yet to issue the release dates of the anime series, production is ongoing. The Tomb Raider anime series will see Lara Croft embark on an adventurous mission, highlighted in detail on the small screen series. Tasha Huo, who was behind The Witcher: Blood Origin’s, will write and produce the Tomb Raider anime series. 

The announcement of the two anime series will verify Netflix’s focus on video game adaptations and anime series. The company plans to expand multiple hit movies and video games adaptions with anime spin-offs. Currently, the streaming giant has an anime series of the video game adaptation Castlevania. According to reports, the Castlevania anime series is basking in its glory with a rotten tomatoes rating of 94%, which is excellent. 

According to Netflix, more than 100 million households watched at least a single title of anime series on the platform between 2019 October and 2020 September, thus highlighting the demand for anime films. To gain access to more anime content, Netflix signed a deal with multiple companies, including the famous Japanese company Anima & Company and Studio Mir, a company based in Korea.