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Know Your Car Needs Servicing with these 7 Signs 

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Car servicing is one of the vital aspects of keeping your car well-maintained and safe on the roads. Overlooking this aspect may deteriorate your car’s condition and put you at a greater risk of accidents and injury. If you use your car for the daily commute, long road trips, or even off-roading, servicing your car is a must. 

So, when do you know you need to get your car serviced? You can identify tell-tale indicators that suggest your car may have some problem. The signs indicate you need to service your car at the earliest. 

Flash Warning Lights 

You will notice a light normally illuminating your car when you drive. It indicates that you may have a problem with the engine or that the servicing of your car is due. But if you see a flashing warning light on your car’s dashboard, it may indicate one of the major problems with the system of your car

Do not turn a blind eye to the warning sign on the dashboard and take it to the service center at the earliest. 

Smoke Coming out of the Hood 

Smoke from your car’s hood is another indicator that your vehicle demands servicing, and you must act accordingly. In general, only minimal smoke should be emitted from the exhaust. But when the smoke is excessive and coming out of the exhaust, it could be because of an oil leak or problem with the exhaust system. 

In other cases, smoke from the bonnet indicates overheating problems. We advise you to service your car in both these cases and maintain its engine’s condition. 

Car Making Unusual Noises 

If you notice your car making unusual sounds or noises while driving, it indicates a problem. Weird noises coming out of the car include dragging or droning sounds from the wheels, the engine sounding louder than usual, or braes squealing loudly when you use them. 

An expert mechanic will be able to identify the problem and fix it accordingly. 

Your Car Starts Leaking 

When you notice any leak coming out of your car, it is an indication that you should take it to the garage or service center as early as possible. You can check if your vehicle is leaking from spills or stains when moving it from where it is parked. 

The leaks are dark in color and include oil or brake fluid liquids. Any unusual leaking from the car exhaust pipe indicates that you need to service your car soon. 

You Experience Steering Problems 

Another area that signals your car may need servicing is when you experience steering problems. Problems with this car part may be extremely dangerous, and you must get it checked by a trained mechanic immediately. 

When there is a problem with your steering, you may notice that the vehicle favors only one side when in a neutral position. You will also feel an increasing difficulty while trying to steer. 

Brakes behaving Differently 

The brakes of your car constitute one of the essential safety features. The brakes become less effective when you fail to take your car for a regular check-up. You might have to press them harder to apply your stopping power. 

Problems with your car brakes may be because of two reasons – leakage of brake fluid or worn brake pads. Take your car to a service center and get all the repairs done. 

Vibrations in the Car 

When you experience sudden vibrations or juddering, it suggests that your car needs servicing. Vibrations in the car may be for many reasons, including worn-out friction and pressure plate defect, to name a few. 


Nowadays, you can choose from the many car service packages to get your car serviced. Choosing from a package also cuts down your budget. Thus, why wait? Choose a reliable car service center and keep your car in a top-notch condition.