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Kriyya Hair Wigs Make You Beautiful

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100% Human Hair 13×4 Lace front wig

13×4 lace front wig is the tradition popular wig, Bono Hair lace front wig is made of premium human Remy hair to confirm the wig’s quality. There are many kinds of lengths for choice from 10-24 inches. We design new style wigs every month to lead the wig fashion.

Choose Bono Hair wigs, Wholesale 100% human hair weave bundles for thin hair, best hair pieces website Bono hair is one of the largest wig suppliers and hairpiece factory, Bono Hair human hair wigs are some of the highest in quality and offer a natural looking style and soft feel.

What is 13 × 4?

While this may sound technical, it is not. The unit name of this wig represents the standard size of this wig. All 13 × 4 lace front wigs are 13 inches wide and 13 inches long. This type of wig covers from ear to ear and is therefore classified as a half wig. The lace bottom of this wig is longer than standard wigs. Again, the 13 × 4 lace front wig also consists of a few strands of hair.

When most people think of “lace”, they think of a delicate fabric material designed to create an intricate pattern with a mesh-like appearance that is typical of clothing and apparel. Used for making decorations, such as curtains. In the wig world, “lace” refers to a thin, transparent mesh with which the hair is tied individually. A wig labeled “lace front” means that a piece of sheer lace mesh sits on the front of the wig cap.When it comes to human hair lace front wigs, the most popular types are 13 × 4 lace front wig and 13 × 6 lace front wig. Lace front wig is one of the easiest wigs for beginners.

Scalp Micropigmentation is gaining popularity due to its advantages over traditional methods of hair coloring such as highlighting or dyeing. It’s also an affordable option for those who don’t have access to salon services or can’t afford them.


The lace front hair wig is named because the front of the lace is straight in front of the head and the front of the lace is 100% hand-tied.The lower part of the human hair lace front wig is lace frontal closure and the half machine made wig cap is tied with the whole wig cap, then 100 human hair is tied or tied with lace or machine made wig cap. Is. Cheap human hair lace front wig lace is made of Swiss lace with breathability and the highest quality. Black Women’s Human Hairless Front Wigs are soft and healthy to wear.

One of the most popular wig styles today is the headband wig, a short wig style that completely covers the hair and comes in straight or half lines. The name “headband” is derived from the fact that the hair bands are tightly tied and hung under the forehead. This type of wig was actually made in China .Now, you can find wigs anywhere in the world.

Human hair lace front wigs

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. People seem to like human hair because it is comfortable, it does not bother the hair and skin condition, or they just like what it looks like. Human hair wigs are more versatile. They are also soft, full and come in a unique range of styles.


The use of wigs has become popular among men and women. This is due to the availability of wigs in different colors and styles. Wigs are the best solution for hair problems for those who cannot afford treatment. Kriyya offers a wide range of hair wigs in terms of style and color.