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KuCoin Fees: Explanations and Analysis

Haven’t you heard about the KuCoin broker service yet? Then, find a free minute to learn more about it. In this review, we will discuss its fee structure and compare it with other popular brokers. In the end, we will tell you about the solution, which will help you reduce trading costs to a minimum.

First, let us say a few words about this platform in general. It is most famous as a crypto exchange, but it also allows trading futures, margins, and spots. As of now, it offers 20 coins, but this range is regularly extended. As for other pros, we must name high trading volumes, leverage of up to 1:100, a $1 minimum deposit limit, a $0 minimum order, mobile trading, and demo accounts for beginners.

Here are the major commissions you must know about:

  •   trading fees ― 0.1%;
  •   fiat deposits ― from 3 to 12%;
  •   Bitcoin withdrawals ― 0.0005 BTC;
  •   Ethereum withdrawals ― 0.004 ETH;
  •   Tether withdrawals ― from 1 to 10 USDT;
  •   Cardano withdrawals ― 1 ADA.

As you can see, KuCoin fees for spot trading fee are extremely low ― only 0.1%. In practice, it is the most affordable on the market, which is a decisive advantage.

Yet, if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio, you must know that a commission for margin trading is around 0.1%, investments in futures ― from 0% to 0.03%.

Again, deposits are accepted for free. And withdrawal rates charged by this broker are among the most attractive compared to competitors. For example, if you decide to withdraw your Bitcoin, that will cost you only 0.0005 BTC. Most other online exchanges have much higher rates. At the same time, if you need to withdraw NEO or GAS, that will cost you $0. Besides, there is no charge for crypto conversion.

Another crucial detail ― this online broker offers users to participate in a VIP program, which allows them to save up to 20% on trading costs.

Yet, that is not the only method to reduce expenses. There is another ― much easier ― solution. You can get 80% rebates if you choose to register on this broker platform via an affiliate link from Traders Union. Just so simple and free of charge.

In sum, one can safely say that this broker is among the leaders of the market in terms of low trading costs. Its policies are much more comfortable than on Coinbase and other services.