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Kucoin vs Binance: Which One Is Better?

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Both exchanges are the major players in the cryptocurrency market, providing their clients with a lot of opportunities, including trading, staking, lending, and others. However, there are some differences that you should know before you choose between them. Our experts have done deep analysis of both exchanges to provide you with the key features that those exchanges offer.

Binance vs Kucoin: Basic Information

While both exchanges started the same year (they were founded in 2017), Binance outruns its rival when it comes to the range of additional features. The issuer of the BNB token provides its clients with an advanced trading platform and various investment opportunities. In particular, Binance users can buy newly appearing tokens via a special Launchpad platform, meaning they have access to various ICOs, TGEs, STOs, and other offerings that new projects make through the website.

Moreover, Binance offers a special Academy feature that was developed for those who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Here you can find a whole set of materials telling you how to deal with various blockchains and how to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Detailed Comparison

If you want to make a more detailed Kucoin vs Binance comparison, you should pay attention to the various trading conditions that both platforms offer. Kucoin has a slight advantage when it comes to both trading and non-trading fees. However, this benefit is neutralized once you buy BNB tokens, which allow you to minimize Binance transaction fees. Moreover, the latter allows you to minimize transaction costs by having higher trading volumes.

As for the number of analysis instruments, both cryptocurrencies offer well-designed trading platforms that allow you to not only buy and sell digital assets, but also do deep research and find the best points where to purchase a particular cryptocurrency.

When comparing leverage, both cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to borrow money to trade some assets and contracts. Regardless of which of the two platforms you choose, your leverage will be equal to 1:100, which is quite an advantage as compared to many of their rivals.

The range of trading instruments is comparable as both offer 100+ trading digital assets and various derivatives. You can also find some NFTs that are presented by the Binance and Kucoin platforms.


If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange, you can choose between Binance or Kucoin. Both cryptocurrency exchanges provide you with a plethora of opportunities, including digital coin trading, investment features, etc. Binance, in addition, allows you to purchase tokens of the newly appearing projects. The latter also offers the opportunity to lower commissions by buying native BNB platform tokens or trading higher volumes.