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Lake City Lahore – Everything to Know

In the northwest corner of Lahore, Lake City stands on the city’s outskirts with great potential to develop into a thriving urban center. Lake City has attracted investment projects ever since it was founded due to its attractive location. It provides world-class amenities and facilities, making it one of the top housing societies in Lahore. There are eight sectors within the society’s 2400 acres, ranging from M-1 to M-8.

Villas and plots of various sizes are available, including 5 Marlas, 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 12 Marlas, 14 Marlas, 15 Marlas, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanals, 4 Kanals, and 8 Kanals.

Additionally, some houses and villas are ready to move into. The management is committed to providing top-notch facilities. There is no load shedding since the community is powered by its powerhouse. Electrical appliances will get the exact amps and watts they need with a nonstop supply at full strength. These charges are in accordance with the WAPDA tariff.

Green and clean, there is almost no pollution in the environment. There is no other place in Lahore with such a fresh ambiance featuring the following:

  •     Electricity supply lines underground
  •     A large road network
  •     A wider shoulder and a green belt
  •     Golf Course of 1600 kanals

Lake City M-1

Different plot sizes are available in Villa Granda, such as 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. M-1 consists of residential plots with sizes of 10 Marla (90-100 Lacs), 12 Marla (120-140 Lacs), and 14 Marla (145-160 Lacs). Also available are plots of 1 Kanal (185-225 Lacs) and 2 Kanals (450-500 Lacs). A fascinating architecture in a tranquil setting is the reward if one wishes to invest in this area.

Lake City M-2 & M-3

Within the M-2 sector, there is only one plot available measuring 1 Kanal, ranging from 160 to 225 Lacs. In M-2 Sector, there is also a block called M-2 A-Block with plots ranging in size from 10 to 145 Marla; prices range from 110 to 145 Lacs.

On the Lahore Ring Road, the M-3 sector connects with Lake City Interchange. Within the M-3 sector, a plot of one kanal is present. To obtain ownership of the plot, a customer needs to pay 160 to 225 lacs. Moreover, the A-Block of the M-3 sector provides residential properties in sizes varying from 12 Marlas (105-120 Lacs), 14 Marlas (145-160 Lacs), and 1 Kanal (190-225 Lacs). The M-3 Block Extension contains plots that are ten marlas in size.

Lake City M-4 & M-5

Sector M-4 is also referred to as Golf Estate. The price range of plots in this sector ranges from 160 to 210 lacs. Possession plots, however, are being offered from 225 to 275 lacs. The price of a single 10 Marla plot is 98-120 Lacs in sector M-5.

Lake City M-7 & M-8

M-7, a beautiful sector in Lake City, has been divided into three attractive sectors, according to the management. Three fractions are included: M7 A-Block, M7 B-Block, and M7 C-Block. The plot sizes of A-block, B-block, and C-block are 7 Marlas, 5 Marlas, and (5 & 7) Marlas. Residential plots in these sectors are priced between 35 and 90 Lacs only.

The designs of the M-8 sector have been specifically designed to appeal to economically limited or fixed budget families. There are only five marla plots (45-56 lacs) in this sector and seven marla plots (58-68 lacs) available. A customer may purchase property fully or partially, depending on their needs.

Commercial Plots in Lake City

Commercial plots are available here in two sizes, five marlas and eight marlas. It costs around 425 to 450 lacs to buy a five marla plot on Main Boulevard. In comparison, eight marla plots are priced at 715-750 Lacs. An 8-Marla property facing an alternative route to Ring Road is priced between 750 and 800 Lacs.