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Lakme Sunscreen & Ageing: Know How SPF Can Help Preserve Youthful Skin

A holistic approach to skincare begins with Lakme sunscreen – the non-negotiable product you must include in your everyday routine regardless of age or skin type. While this is something we have heard from dermatologists, experts, and even celebrities, it takes real discipline to make applying Lakme sunscreen a daily habit. But if you want youthful skin (who doesn’t?), it’s a must. 

The main characteristics of youthful skin are elasticity and suppleness, which can get damaged over time due to exposure to UV rays. UV light damage can result in a lower level of collagen (the protein that keeps the skin supple and structurally sound). Lakme sunscreen works by protecting your skin from UV rays, which in turn helps stall the deterioration of collagen. So, with the daily use of Lakme sunscreen, you can bid goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin and say hello to skin that radiates and glows from within.

In this blog, we will take a detailed look at the benefits of Lakme sunscreen for younger-looking skin and the best Lakme sunscreens to purchase from one of the most coveted beauty and makeup brands, Lakmé

The Advantages Of Daily Lakme sunscreen Application

Lakme sunscreen is an essential component of skin care for several reasons. Below, let’s examine a few:

  1. Avoids Sunburn

The UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn and tanning are blocked by Lakme sunscreen. Additionally, it lessens the chance of getting more grave illnesses like skin cancer. Applying Lakme sunscreen before leaving the house is recommended if you have sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation or irritation. 

  1. Prevents Photo-ageing

As mentioned previously, the main factor contributing to early ageing is sun damage. It causes sagging skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and sunspots. UV rays damage the collagen and elastin reserves in your skin, which help keep up the firmness and suppleness of your skin. Regularly using and reapplying Lakme sunscreen helps delay the onset of visible age signs on the face, neck, and body.

Choosing The Right Lakme sunscreen For Youthful Skin 

Now that we have (hopefully) convinced you that Lakme sunscreen is crucial to preserving your skin and keeping it youthful, let’s discuss the best practices for choosing the best one. From the SPF content to skin type, there are some vital factors that you must consider before purchasing:

  1. SPF: Understanding what SPF is (short for ‘sun protection factor’) and how to pick the right one for you is crucial. In simpler words, it’s an indicator of how long your skin can endure the sun without getting burnt or damaged from UVB rays. 

Here’s a formula you can use: Take the amount of time you would typically burn in the sun without protection; for a person with light skin, 20 minutes will usually result in redness. Multiply this figure by your product’s SPF. For instance, the number of minutes you may spend in the sun without burning is 300 if your SPF is 15 x 20 minutes of sun time = 300 minutes; so SPF 15 gives you 5 hours of sun protection.

  1. UVA + UVB: Make sure the product you choose offers protection against both types of UV rays – UVA and UVB – like the Lakmé 9 To 5 Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++, which gives a matte finish and blocks 97% UVB rays.
  2. Skin Type: Any skincare product you include in your regimen should be formulated to suit your specific skin type. If your skin is dry, you should opt for a hydration Lakme sunscreen formula as opposed to a gel-based formula, which is ideal for oily and sensitive skin. 
  3. Organic vs Mineral: First and foremost, you must educate yourself about the differences between organic and mineral Lakme sunscreens and choose according to your requirements. First, let’s get the confusing terminology out of the way – mineral Lakme sunscreen is also called physical Lakme sunscreen, and organic Lakme sunscreen is also known as chemical Lakme sunscreen. 

Incorporating Lakme sunscreen Into Your Skincare and Makeup 

  • Apply Lakme sunscreen 15–20 minutes before stepping out and reapply after 2–3 hours.
  • If you’re staying indoors, apply Lakme sunscreen after washing your face and applying moisturiser.
  • When you’re doing your makeup, follow the above steps before putting on base products like concealer or foundation.
  • If you’re applying a mineral Lakme sunscreen, wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb before you proceed with makeup application.

Why Lakmé Lakme sunscreens?

When it comes to buying skincare and makeup products, you need a brand you can trust and vouch for. Otherwise, you may fall prey to low-quality products that can harm your skin. Further, not all mainstream brands cater to specific skin types. Taking all of this into consideration, we recommend Lakmé – a homegrown brand that’s made its mark in the global market with hundreds of thousands of loyal customers – for all your skin and makeup needs. Lakmé’s range of Lakme sunscreen products includes offerings in lotion, spray, and gel formulations – one for every skin type and need. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lakme Sunscreen

  1. Do I need to apply Lakme sunscreen on my face daily?

Yes, you should apply Lakme sunscreen daily, regardless of whether you’re stepping out or staying indoors. Lakme sunscreen also blocks light emitted from screens, so you must wear it every single day.

  1. Do I need to wear Lakme sunscreen only in summer?

No, while you may choose to wear Lakme sunscreen with higher SPF during the summer, this doesn’t mean you can skip it entirely during winter. The sun’s UV rays are harmful regardless of the season, so you need to apply Lakme sunscreen throughout the year.

  1. Can I use SPF products and skip Lakme sunscreen?

If your moisturizer or tinted cream is SPF 30 or below, you should use Lakme sunscreen as it won’t lend broad-spectrum coverage over a long period. 

  1. Can Lakme sunscreen really keep your skin looking youthful?

Yes, regular use of Lakme sunscreen can help you achieve younger-looking skin as it protects against the harsh UV rays of the sun and maintains the elasticity of skin. The collagen reserve is also negatively affected by external factors, and Lakme sunscreen helps combat those. 

  1. Which Lakme sunscreen is the best?

Several factors determine which Lakme sunscreen is the best for your skin type. It’s also important to purchase Lakme sunscreen from a good brand to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. 

Best Lakme sunscreen for oily skin: Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Gel Lakme sunscreen

Best Lakme sunscreen for dry skin: Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Lotion Lakme sunscreen

Best Lakme sunscreen for combination skin: Lakmé Sun Expert Tinted PA SPF 50++ Spray