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Laptop Buying Guide for Programming Student: What to Take Note of in 2021 and What to Avoid

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When purchasing laptops for developers and for programming studies, it is wise to note certain things that your computer should possess. Although both Windows and Mac have a wide variety of laptops to choose from, Chromebook laptops should also be considered for some rare cases. This is because a computer should not just be based on an operating system, even though it is the first significant deliberation when planning to purchase one.

People usually love to pick out Windows and Mac laptops when purchasing a computer, but Google Chromebooks should also be considered since it is much cheaper. Although these operating systems are a little bit similar in their features, they still differ a lot. 

OS for programming explained


Different manufacturers make personal computers, with different classifications that may affect the cost in relation to the brand, model, and quality. Many manufacturers customize their personal computers to suit specific objectives, like business or gaming, because personal computers are better than Macs in its operations. Most personal computers make use of the Windows operating system, mainly because it can be upgraded regularly and more flexible than the macOS. Windows-powered laptops are also cheaper, with a lot of variety than the macOS.

Mac OS

Apple laptops are of a high standard, with quality designs, and user friendly. The MacOS is used only by Apple products. The macOS is exceptionally peculiar with the MacBook, which makes it very easy to use.

Chrome OS.

Although the Chrome OS is not as capable as the macOS and the Windows OS, it is competent, and many desktops and laptops are using it. It runs only on Chromebook laptops, based on the Google Chrome browser, and it is fit to run necessary activities. Also, the operating system is very versatile, with a lot of android apps and google extensions. 

Types of laptops

There are many laptops manufactured to suit different people based on their usefulness. This is why it is wise to know what you need before deciding on the brand and model to purchase. After deciding on what you need the laptop for, it is wise to note the prices of the laptops to determine if it suits your budget. We’ve listed a variety of laptops to take note of below.

Introductory Level ($600 or less)

Laptops are mostly expensive; however, manufacturers now produce laptops that are about $600 or less for those who need the computer for some basic activities. These budget laptops will help you to save a lot of money while getting what you need. 

However, they do not have advanced hardware, RAM, or graphics as the more expensive ones, although they still work well. These kinds of laptops adopt the Chromebook operating system more since it does not need a lot of fancy features to perform well.

The introductory level laptops are designed basically for those who are not well versed with computers but need one to perform basic tasks. Thus, they are manufactured with great care to ensure it lasts well and is easily understood by the customers. Some of the best entry level laptops are the Acer Aspire 5, Lenovo Thinkpad, Asus Zenbook.

Conventional ($600 – $1000).

Laptops in this category are manufactured with materials that are of better quality than the previous level. Although the laptops in this category do not have top-notch graphics, the hardware used in manufacturing the computers is top quality. 

In this category, you have a wide range of options, from laptops with excellent displays and good battery life to strong processors, among others. Some of the laptops under this category are the Dell G5 and the ZenBook 15.

High-End Level ($1000+). 

This level is for those willing to spend a lot more to get the laptop of their choice. The laptops for programming students at this level have the best of everything, ranging from battery life and hardware to the performance and everything about it. 

There is a wide variety to choose from here, and it is mostly for those who use computers professionally. Some of the laptops are; the Dell XPS 13, 15, or even 17 inch model, the Razer Blade, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 and MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with the latest M1 chip for people who love Apple products. 

Essential Things About the Hardware

The hardware of any computer plays a huge role in the computer’s capability; therefore, it plays a massive role in the pricing.


The CPU is the brain box of any computer; therefore, it must be considered carefully before purchasing a laptop—the better CPU, the faster computer will run. The best way to be sure about the CPU of your choice is by searching the processor’s model number online.


The laptop’s graphic is crucial because it determines how the image would look on your screen. Since a laptop’s graphics cannot be upgraded, it is best to pick out the best before purchasing it.


The laptop’s memory spot is known as the RAM and determines how much information can be gotten from it. It is best to get a computer that has at least an 8GB RAM.


The storage space in any computer determines how much data can be held in it. This includes programs, files, music, videos, etc. The best storage device is the Solid-State Drive SSD that is adopted by most laptops today. This is because it increases the performance level in terms of storage for a computer.

Other hardware to note are; the audio, the ports, and the touchscreen support for 2-in-1 laptops.

Best Time to Purchase A Laptop

Many people lookout for the best days to purchase a laptop to minimize the amount spent and still buy an excellent laptop.

If you want to purchase a good laptop at a reasonable price, it is best to buy it:

  1. Some months after it is released: – By that time, the laptop’s price would have dropped slightly than when it was newly released.
  2. Back to School Period: – When students return to school, most retailers sell at a discounted price to attract students who need new laptops.
  3. Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays: – Towards the end of November to the beginning of December, most stores engage in selling out the stock left before the end of the year. During this period, laptops’ prices would be significantly reduced; thus, you get quality laptops at a lower price.


There are many things to take note of before purchasing a laptop that will be of great value to you. We believe you are now enlightened on the essential things to know before you go out to buy that laptop of your choice.