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Latest Trends in Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a staple for every company. But it has changed with the times, signifying a shift from purely transactional to something with a more personal touch. Email marketing continues to be a highly effective way of engaging customers and prospects, but to stay relevant, you need to know what the latest trends are. Here are the latest trends that have emerged in email marketing and how you can use them. Also check out privnote.

#1 Email Deliverability Tool 

One of the latest trends in email marketing is the deliverability tool. Email users are more sensitive than ever to how their emails are treated, and they can choose to unsubscribe or mark emails as spam before opening them. Deliverability tools help to ensure that your emails will be delivered in recipients’ inboxes, no matter what type of email address they have.

People often use Gmail for their email account but then sign up using a work account to receive company newsletters or promotions for their shopping habits. This creates an issue because Gmail will automatically classify these messages as spam if it detects that you’re using an email address that has not been verified with your full name.

A deliverability tool helps you avoid this problem by allowing you to designate an alternate name for a given email address so it can be identified appropriately and filtered to a recipient’s inbox. This way, if someone signs up for promotions from a business under their work account, Gmail will know which messages belong in their inbox and which messages should be sent elsewhere.

#2 Add CTAs to Email Campaigns

One of the latest trends in email marketing is adding a call to action (CTA). Emails with CTAs have increased click-through rates by up to 20%. The two most common CTAs are links and buttons. Adding links or buttons that allow potential customers to jump directly into places you want them to go, such as your website, social media profiles, or blog posts, can effectively get people interested in what you have to offer.

#3 Experiment With Different Content Types

You’ve probably been told you need to experiment with different content types. But what does this mean? The recent trend is to provide your audience with more personalized, interactive content, including videos, images, or interactive features in your email marketing campaign. 

Research has shown that these emails have a higher engagement rate than those without this interactivity. For example, a study found that the average click rate for an email featuring an interactive element was 3.6%. In comparison, the average click rate for emails that didn’t have any interactive elements was only 1.5%. 

When creating an email marketing campaign, consider making it more engaging by including video, audio, images, links, animations, or other interactive features. You can also mix up the layout or format to keep things from getting stale.

#4 Use Interactive Content in Your Campaigns.

Interactive content is an effective way to keep your audience engaged. Interactive content includes quizzes, polls, contests, and more that allow your audience to participate actively. These interactive pieces are a successful way of keeping your audience interested in the email content. People are more likely to interact with emails containing interactive content than emails without it. In addition, you can create a quiz which can be a great way to boost engagement and make your emails even more interactive and fun for your audience.”

#5 Design for Mobile 

The number of emails opened on mobile devices is expected to increase by 54%. More than 60% of email recipients open their emails on mobile devices, which means you need to optimize your email design for mobile.

#6 Make Use of Live Chat Features

Live chat features are a new trend in email marketing that has been very successful. Live chat lets you have more attentive conversations with your customers while still doing other tasks. A live chat feature will enable you to serve your customers better and answer their questions before they need to contact you. 

You can also use the live chat tool for customer service by providing agents on the other end of the chat window to help with any inquiries or concerns from prospects or customers. This is a great way for you to provide an exceptional customer experience while promoting your brand at the same time.

Live chat is a relatively new concept, and it’s important for companies looking to stay ahead of the game to incorporate this into their strategy.

#7 Consider How Often to Send Emails

Many people think that the more emails they send, the more successful their campaign is. This is not true. It will help if you start by considering how often you want to send emails and then build your campaign. 

An appropriate frequency for sending promotional emails is once a day. The best times to send these emails are in the morning and evening. An inappropriate frequency would be multiple times per hour or on an impulse basis. You can also use email marketing to send personal messages to individual customers.

#8 Optimize Your Email Campaigns With Mobile

More than half of email recipients open their messages on their mobile devices. If you haven’t optimized your email campaigns for mobile yet, it is time to do so. Here are a few simple changes you can make to your emails that will make them more user-friendly for people who are opening them on smartphones and tablets:

  • Use short, concise sentences
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs
  • Keep your sentences brief
  • Include links that are easy to click on
  • Include images when applicable

#9 Create Rule-based Drip Sequences 

One of the latest trends in email marketing is drip sequences. With this type of campaign, you can set what content will be delivered to your customer over time. You set up a sequence with rules about when emails should be sent and which emails should be sent at what times. This is an excellent way to keep customers engaged and return for more.

For example, you have a customer who just bought something from your store. Immediately after the purchase, they would receive a thank you email as well as a receipt. Then, they might receive an email about how to care for their purchase or offer them a discount on future purchases related to that product. Finally, they might get an email with tips on maintaining their new purchase over time. 

This type of campaign would only work if every customer subscribes or signs up for your emails, so you must create a clear opt-in process so people know how they can subscribe and why it’s valuable for them to do so.

#10 Set up Automated Rules for Customer Segmentation 

One of the latest trends in email marketing is customer segmentation. If you’ve been doing email marketing for years, you may not realize this is a relatively new trend. It’s important to set up automated rules that will automatically send anyone who has subscribed to your list an email at their specified frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). Not knowing how many people are opening your emails will make it difficult to know what content they want.


With the help of the latest trends in email marketing, any business can make sure they stay ahead of the game. This article is a collection of 10 different strategies for maximizing email marketing ROI. These strategies help you make the most of your email marketing efforts and ensure that your emails are read and your content is shared.