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Learn About The Advantages of Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes are a staple of the shipping and packaging industry. They have been around for many decades now, and distributors are still trusting these boxes. In fact, corrugated boxes are used for about 95 percent of all products that are shipped across America. These boxes are almost everywhere now. A lot of big and small brands and industries use corrugated boxes for packaging their products.

These boxes are reliable and sturdy, which can keep the products safe while protecting the contents from getting damaged. While many aspects of the distribution process have changed throughout the years because of technological advances, corrugated mailer boxes still serve the same purposes in the shipping industry. There are so many advantages of using corrugated boxes. And in this post, we are going to learn about these advantages. So, here is a list of the top advantages corrugated boxes provide.

Advantage 1. They provide maximum protection

One of the most significant advantages of corrugated boxes is that they are stronger than the average cardboard boxes. No matter what product they are carrying, they provide a stable cushion to the products during the shipping and handling process. Even the size of the corrugated box can vary according to its size and thickness.

Corrugated boxes are designed in such a way that they keep moisture and bacteria away from the products within. This advantage is especially beneficial for food products that have to withstand long shipping times.

Advantage 2. They are cost-effective and sustainable

Another great advantage of corrugated mailer boxes is that they are some of the most inexpensive packaging options available. They do not need high labor costs or expensive tools for the manufacturing of these boxes. In addition to this, these boxes are very easy to recycle.

Advantage 3. They are great for branding

Corrugated boxes are extremely easy to customize that can help businesses with the branding of their company. This way, they can increase their brand awareness without spending too much money.

Not only this, but with this custom branding, you can also impress your customers as it gives your business a more professional look. You can even decide to give a personal touch in order to earn the loyalty of your customers. That will make your customers come back to your business for more.

Advantage 4. They are lightweight

If you are shipping heavy products, you would want to decrease the weight of the packaging. This is where corrugated boxes can help you. They are strong but do not weigh too much, making them a very convenient choice for businesses. Corrugated boxes provide an opportunity for businesses to ship their products without worrying about the extra weight of the packaging.

Corrugated mailer boxes are recyclable and reusable and are here to stay for long. These are some of the top advantages of these boxes that you should get familiar with.