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Learn English Quickly with These 10 Tips

English is the fastest growing language in the world. Without learning English no one can compete with this globalized world. Who are the fastest learners on the planet? Babies, let’s see what we can mimic to replicate that to learn English. There are some tips that can be followed to learn English rapidly. If you prefer an approach tailored specifically for you check out AmazingTalker’s English tutors and they offer Online tutors in other languages too!


Reading is identified as the most potent way of learning English. It means you will try to utter each and everything you see. You have to pronounce the words of your day-to-day life. Then you have to start reading English newspapers. Just go through the lines and try to understand the meaning. Reading a book is also a good practice for learning English quickly. This is not necessary that you will understand everything you read. But it will enhance the reading speed and quality. Try to find out the meaning of each word and sentence. 


Quick learners of English often rely on the policy of listening to English songs and podcasts. At first, an early learner must not comprehend all the things he or she hears. But the process will surely start. Listening to foreign English songs and English news channels has an immense effect. This listening skill often improves the quality of hearing for native English speaking people.


While talking with others using the language you want to learn, you can adopt the ways of this particular language spontaneously. This does not refer to the hard fast rules that should be applied to talk. You just need to be cautious while making others understand your words. Just practice.

Use Multimedia 

You can also use different multimedia options while practicing English as a second language. This will enhance the chance you learn fast. Multimedia ways include watching movies and listening to music in English. This is effective as you can learn while you are enjoying. In this way, the quick learners are happy to learn. 

Remember Phrases not Words

If you are desperate to learn English quickly, you have to keep in mind one thing. Do not emphasize the words of this language. Remember the phrases. The English people also use phrasal verbs often. When you are attached to the uses of phrasal meaning, I swear, you will definitely learn English as fast as you can’t imagine. 

Study Patterns Not Rules

Hey, you got right. You need to get the study patterns of learning this language. Don’t bother so much about the rules. Make yourself easy while adopting the patterns of learning English. This will guarantee you a fast and durable learning. Otherwise, the first learners will find it difficult and boring. 

Take notes and use flashcards

The new things you learn each day, take a note of them. It will be better if you make flashcards on your study table and around your bed. Trust me, these flashcards will never let you forget the things you learnt. These study methods are so effective that you will be astonished. 

Go Abroad

Do you travel abroad frequently? Then why are you sitting like this? If it is possible and affordable for you, just go abroad for quick learning. Just talk with the English speaking people. Just be with them. You must follow the way they talk, the way they sing. You will notice your changes when learning a language

Start with what is interesting to you

Learning process implies that our subconscious mind adopts newer things when we try to learn them in an interesting way. This is the thing I am talking about. When you are trying to learn English fast, just begin with the part you like. It can be literature. It can be movies, songs or something else. 

Don’t feel discouraged

Do you love to learn English? Then why are you bothering what people say in case of your failure. People can only talk. Don’t feel discouraged while you are trying to do something in spite of other people’s taunts. 

Concluding Remarks

When you have made up your mind that you will learn English as early as you can, you must not waste your time. Make English a compulsory medium of your day-to-day life. No matter what you are doing, no matter where you are. Just learn in the way you can. You are watching Hindi movies, just go through the subtitles in English. When you find new words, write them in a notebook. In this way; you can enrich your vocabulary. You can use these words while talking in English. You can write on any topic with these varieties of words. Moreover, AmazingTalker can be the most reliable friend on this journey. This is the motto of learning English quickly.